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  • Rotary Harrow

  • Model SC - Rotary Harrow

    Model SC - Rotary Harrow

    FOR PROFESSIONAL USE - A product that matches excellent geniality, high technology and durability: this is what the professional industrialists want. So, this is the basic equipment for combined machineries and all the combinations with sowing machines. The SC line meets all these standards: high quality; power, reliability and durability.

  • Model CM - Rotary Harrow

    Model CM - Rotary Harrow

    Rotary Harrow FOR MEDIUM-LARGE FARMS - Especially suited to hilly and sandy soils. Unbeatable in burying vegetable wastes.

  • Model SM - Rotary Harrow

    Model SM - Rotary Harrow

    FOR SMALL FARMS - The SM series with the mechanical features of the SC and CM, has no problem in also satisfying small farms.

  • Model SCC - Pneumatic Seeder

    Model SCC - Pneumatic Seeder

    Big-load resistant conductor gears. Very thick tank with double-tank. Very large and thick support-flanges for protecting the bottom of the tank. Round knife-holding rotors to prevent stone-blocking.  Very7 strong knife-shaped teeth. High wear and tear resistance also in stony fields.  Great and strong shock absorbers conical rolling bearing even considerable jerks. Heat treated drive-shaft (inserted in the rotors)...

  • Folding Rotary Harrow

  • Model IK - Folding Rotary Harrow

    Model IK - Folding Rotary Harrow

    Folding load-bearing frame with hydraulic control to reduce road transport width (max 2,50 m) models for IK and IK/PR. / Frame with device for floating or fixed position. / Dual speed gear. / Side drives with automatic safety device. / Rotors on conical roller bearings. / PTO-shaft with 1000 rpm. / Cage rollers, spiked roller, spiral and packer roller with “floating” system adjustable by means of pins. / Rotor fenders are standard issue. /...

  • Chisel

  • Model TG - STG - Chisel Tooth Subsoilers

    Model TG - STG - Chisel Tooth Subsoilers

    It ploughs deeply. It breaks the eompoeted loyers. It keeps the organie bolonee. It helps the woter droinoge. It oxygenotes the soil. It retoins moisture. It mokes the soil structure uniform. It increoses the worh output. It helps to save energy.

  • Compacting Harrow

  • Model CH - Compacting Harrow

    Model CH - Compacting Harrow

    COMPACT: the inexpensive way to quickly grow crops on light soils with low power assortment. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Quick coupling to tractor (optional levelling bar).

  • Rotary Tiller

  • Model KL - Rotary Tiller

    Model KL - Rotary Tiller

    Suitable for very hard soils, the AIO tiller with its blade rotor, besides ensuring the perfect preparation of the soil for sowing, also allows preliminary work without ploughing and the perfect mix of harvest wastes in the ground.