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  • Fruit & Vegetable Air Booms

    Fruit & Vegetable Air Booms

    Airtec Airbooms have been the leading spray applicator for Fruit and Vegetables for many years. Providing heavy duty, dependable, light weight air booms is what we do best. Our machines offer maximum coverage with less material usage. We achieve this by producing a 180 mph wind speed that builds constant static pressure across our air boom. The wind is directed through a specially designed nozzle where the spray is injected into the air stream. During...

  • Citrus & Orchard Sprayers

    Citrus & Orchard Sprayers

    Orchard Sprayers The Airtec Orchard Sprayer uses the same low volume spraying technology as the other sprayer models offered by Airtec. This machine creates 180 mph wind speed out each one of our signature nozzles pushing the spray material in and around the tree getting great penetration through out the whole canopy. Airtec Orchard sprayers have also integrated Copper Ionization which positively charges the spray material allowing the material to...

  • Turf Sprayers

    Turf Sprayers

    Airtec is Proud to release its newest venture, the Airtec Turf Airboom. This machine follows our commitment to low volume spraying with excellent coverage that we are known for. The machine sprays at very low volumes ranging from 5 to 50 gallons per acre. This allows longer spray intervals with less fill ups as well saves chemical by spraying at lower rates. The sprayer generates 180 mph wind speed out of each nozzle shearing the spray particle to a...

  • Copper Ionization Systems

    Copper Ionization Systems

    Greenhouses, Nurseries Packing Houses and Farms have been plagued with algae, bio - slimes, bacteria and scale build up in the irrigation system and wash tanks. Algae, mold and fungi are common problems on plants, trees, plant racks, walls, floors and drip irrigation lines. The Superior Aqua Ionization System automatically injects and circulates copper ions into the irrigation systems and wash tanks The copper ions have a positive charge. Due to this...

  • Canon Sprayers

    Canon Sprayers

    Cannon Sprayers Airtec offers a wide variety of versatile cannons sprayers for all types of applications. The sprayer generates a 450mph wind speed that is projected out of our heavy duty aluminum cannons. The spray material is injected into the cannon air stream where it is sheared down to about 50 microns. The wind pushes the spray material outwards of 100 ft. With our side nozzles on our towers we are able to cover the product up close as well. The...