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  • Akyurek Series Screen Cleaners

  • Model O.MAC-001 - Combo Cleaner

    Model O.MAC-001 - Combo Cleaner

    It is a multi tasked machine with pre-fine cleaner and grading units. It can screen clean almost all kind of seeds, grains and dry legumes vegetables. Light impurities sucked by aspirator room. There are five sieve boats and six screens. It can classify the product in four different grades. There are two models in its standard; fixed and *mobile types

  • Akyurekexcell Series Screen Cleaners

  • Universel Mega - Model 117 - Seed Screen Cleaner Machine

    Universel Mega - Model 117 - Seed Screen Cleaner Machine

    AKYUREKEXCELL 117 is an extremely versatilescreen cleaner specifically designed for many different cleaningpurposes, ranging from precleaning of all cereals, peas, rape seedto fine cleaning of bread cereals, seed grain and malting barley,using a large screen area in conjunction with a sophisticatedaspiration system.The flexibility of this machine is due amongst other things to itsreadily adjustable screen inclination from 6 to 12 degrees. The screen...

  • De-stoners Machines

  • Gravity Separators Machines

  • Model Semi Auto - Seed Gravity Separator

    Model Semi Auto - Seed Gravity Separator

    For the grading by specific weight of products with very slight difference in size and/or weight, which can not be separated by screening (width), aspiration (weight) or by indented cylinders (length).