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  • Machete - Front Mount Boom Mower

    Machete - Front Mount Boom Mower

    Made to work on New Holland TV145 tractors, the Front Mount Machete is your answer when you need the power and performance of a proven boom with a front mounted option.

  • Axtreme 2 - Mid Mount Boom Mower

    Axtreme 2 - Mid Mount Boom Mower

    Extreme mowing calls for Axtreme™ performance. This road warrior has the power to trim trees, clear land and brush, and mow grass. With the array of cutting head options, ditches, dense slopes and trees are no match against its brute force. When the job gets tough, get Axtreme.

  • Alamo - Rear Mount Boom Mower

    Alamo - Rear Mount Boom Mower

    The Alamo Rear Mount Boom gets your mowing jobs done while keeping your tractor available for other applications. Made for roadside clearing and featuring a variety of lengths and cutting heads; grass, brush and tree limbs are conveniently within your reach.

  • Grass King - Flail Mower

    Grass King - Flail Mower

    Wherever a neat, finished appearance is needed, you need the Grass King®. This unique flail features an adjustable arm that muscles through parks, school grounds, golf courses and even over sloped terrain, leaving ditch banks and ponds nowhere to hide.