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  • Model 35S 5F - Plough

    Model 35S 5F - Plough

    Ex demo Pottinger servo 35s 5f rev plough (4+1) rated to 170hp, 120x120 beam section, pin adjusted skimmers, rear disc, transport/depth wheel, 36w solid GP mouldboards, hyd front ram. As new condition, Special Nett price £13,500+vat (on stock unit only!)

Products by MERLO Group

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  • Multifarmer - Agricultural Telehandler

    Multifarmer - Agricultural Telehandler

    The attention to the needs of the customer which has always marked the Merlo Group has led to the creation of a completely new and revolutionary range: the Multifarmer. It is a real crossover which combines the features of a traditional agricultural telehandler and those of a tractor with truly exciting results. The Ad hoc design studied by the Merlo engineers combines these two types of machines highlighting their performance. Thus a complete range...

  • Professional - Telehandlers

    Professional - Telehandlers

    The Professional Series telehandlers are designed to operate in the most demanding operating environments such as recycling, handling large quantities of material and earth moving. Because of this, certain cutting edge technical solutions have been adopted that offer comfort, visibility and unique performance. The Comfort of the operator in every operating context is guaranteed by the hydro pneumatic suspension of the CS cab, exclusive Merlo...

  • Compact - Telehandlers

    Compact - Telehandlers

    Attention to the needs of the customer is highlighted in the range of Merlo compact telehandlers. In fact these models are very small for use in confined environments or small spaces but at the same time offer high profile performance and unique comfort. Just think that even the 'small one' of the range, the P 25.6 (1 metre eighty in width by 1 metre ninety two in height) uses the same structure as the cab mounted on the larger telehandlers, therefore...

  • High Capacity Telehandlers

    High Capacity Telehandlers

    The models of the High Capacity Series are designed for the most demanding jobs. Thanks to the Merlo technology, the High Capacity can handle very heavy loads and at the same time offer unique high operating stability and speed of manoeuvre. Thanks to the regenerating device, the High Capacity models are able to optimize performance by best managing the lifting speed and power depending on the type of procedure, considerably reducing operating time...

  • CVTronic - Model TF45.11 T CS – 156 - Telehandlers

    CVTronic - Model TF45.11 T CS – 156 - Telehandlers

    Maximum lift height 10,6 m, 347.8 feet. Maximum Load Capacity 4500 kg, 9920.8 lbs. Hydraulic Capacity 150 l, 39.6 gal. Empty Weight 9750 kg, 21495.1 lbs. Width 2,35 m, 771 feet. Length 4,835 m, 15862.9 feet. Height 2,525 m, 8284.1 feet. Engine - Power 156 CV, 114.7 kW. Max Speed 40 Km/h, 25 mph. Transmission Hydrostatic MCVTronic.

  • Model P 32.6 Top - Telehandlers

    Model P 32.6 Top - Telehandlers

    Maximum lift height 6.4 m, 21 feet. Maximum Load Capacity 3200 kg, 7054.8 lbs. Hydraulic Capacity 117 l, 30.9 gal. Empty Weight 6100 kg, 13448.2 lbs. Width 2 m, 6.6 feet. Length 4.23 m, 13.9 feet. Height 2.15 m, 7.1 feet. Engine - Power 101 CV, 74.3 kW. Max Speed 40 Km/h, 25 mph. Transmission Hydrostatic 2V.

Products by Valtra Inc. - part of AGCO Corporation

  • Valtra - Model T Series - Tractors

    Valtra - Model T Series - Tractors

    The T Series continues the long tradition of powerful 6-cylinder tractors from Scandinavia. The T Series offers the right alternative for customers looking for a lot of power for both traditional farming tasks, as well as municipal and forest applications. The T Series is recognised around the world as a heavy-duty machine that nevertheless offers the highest levels of comfort for long hours of efficient work.

  • Valtra - Model N Series - Tractors

    Valtra - Model N Series - Tractors

    The Valtra N Series offers the very best performance and specifications in a balanced and functional package.The Valtra N Series represents Nordic practicality at its best, encouraging year-round use even in the most demanding conditions. All primary modules are designed and built in-house, including the engine, chassis, transmission, rear axle, hydraulics and cab.For us, versatility means that the same tractor can be used in various tasks and...

  • Valtra  - Model A Series - Tractors

    Valtra - Model A Series - Tractors

    The Valtra A Series has a long and distinguished heritage as the most popular tractor in Scandinavia.Now this reliable basic tractor has stepped into a new era. Work efficiency and user friendliness have been improved significantly with the new HiTech models.

  • Valtra - Model T Series 155 - 250 hp - Tractor

    Valtra - Model T Series 155 - 250 hp - Tractor

    When we developed the all new Valtra T Series, we rebuilt the tractor from the ground up.Where we come from, we don’t talk much. But we listen to our customers. You told us that the t hree most important reasons for selecting a Valtra are reliability, low total operating costs, and ease of use.  That’s how we built the fourth generation of Valtra tractors. We have been building tractors for more than 60 years, and the T...

  • Valtra - Model S Series - Tractor

    Valtra - Model S Series - Tractor

    The Valtra S Series is a big tractor, built to handle your toughest jobs. You can rely on it for big results. Have your thought about your return on investment? We have. We talk with farmers every day. The result is the fourth-generation S Series tractor, tested in demanding conditions to optimise its technical features, ergonomics, and productivity. Together with ACGO services, the S Series tractor will support the profitability of your business now...