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  • Layer Cages

  • A-Frame Layer Cages Systems

    A-Frame Layer Cages Systems

    The A-Frame Layer Cage Systems are available with 3 or 4 decks, depending on the needs. A system designed with a larger cage area: 24”x24” = 567sq inches. Now with higher density of layers per cage and more space per layer.

  • Stacked Layer Cages Systems

    Stacked Layer Cages Systems

    The Stacked Layer Cage Systems are available with 4 to 6 decks and with various combinations of tiers between catwalks, depending on the needs. This cage system is designed with greater height for better ventilation.

  • Pullet Cages

  • A-Frame Pullet Cages Systems

    A-Frame Pullet Cages Systems

    The A-Frame Pullet Cage Systems are available with 3 decks, the appropriate size for the entire period prior to the laying stage. This system was designed with greater height and the ability to raise the nipple drinkers to accommodate to the growing size of the pullets. This allows for ease of access to water during the entire pullet period prior to the laying stage. This system was engineered with a cage stand & reinforced feeder trough support...

  • Stacked Pullet Cages

    Stacked Pullet Cages

    The Stacked Pullet Cage Systems are available with 3 and 4 decks. Modular Cage System that facilitates the assembly process. Structural Support and Reinforced Trough Supports every 2’ (0.60mt) on every tier. Feeder Troughs manufactured with Galvanized Steel GA20. With wire cage partitions that allow air to flow freely throughout the house without obstructions. All power units are direct drive “coupled motors and gearboxes”, without...

  • Accessories

  • Bulk Feed Delivery System

    Bulk Feed Delivery System

    Feed Distribution is available with a Traveling Hoper Feeding System or Flat Chain Feeding System. Both designed to effectively work with all Alaso Cage Systems and smoothly distribute the feed throughout the house. Alaso's Flex500 Independent Feed Filling System of 5 inches in diameter, allows for an efficient feed filling process. This is installed in front of the house and, as an additional option, on the back. The Traveling Hopper Feeding System...

  • Manure Removal System

    Manure Removal System

    The Stacked Cage System has manure collecting belts made of polypropylene, located between each tier. These collect the waste of the day and when put in motion carries it to the end of the house, where it's deposited on a cross conveyor that take it outside the house. The A-Frame Cage System is equipped with polypropylene manure deflectors to a...