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  • Model 2060 - HK-Calf Puller with HK-Flexi Frame

    Model 2060 - HK-Calf Puller with HK-Flexi Frame

    Top-of-the line model with mechanism 2060 and new FLEXI frame provides optimum safety and is gentle on the animal, stable, thick-walled, galvanized steel tube, length: 180 cm, Mechanism 2060 with adjustable pulling force control: adjustable force control in order to pull gentle the calf out, ergonomic D-grip for easy and safe handling, two side hooks for even pulling, rapid release even under the heaviest load for optimum safety, can be moved around...

  • Mastitis - Milking Test Detector

    Mastitis - Milking Test Detector

    These units allow you to detect changes in the milk BEFORE mastitis breaks out. The mastitis detectors measure the electrical resistance of milk from the individual quarters of the udder. Research work has shown that the salt content in the milk rises greatly when the mastitis infection breaks out The equipment detects these changes long before other clinical symptoms and indications can be seen, so that it provides a reliable diagnostic tool with...