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  • Wagner - Logstackers

    The Wagner Logstacker delivers what you need. Simply the safest, most productive, and most economical log handling machine available, the Wagner Logstacker is purpose-built for log handling. The wide-track tricycle design, high lift, high capacity, and operator placement high and towards the rear of the machine give this unique design the stability, visibility, and capacity you need to safely and efficiently handle logs. When you invest in a Wagner Logstacker, you receive the safest, most pr

  • Wagner - Model 4WD - Logstacker

    Wagner - Model 4WD - Logstacker

    Wagner 4WD Logstackers offer increased traction in unimproved yards, and keep rutting to a minimum. Designed with a wider front tire set and narrower back tire set, the Wagner 4WD series creates four separate lines of contact with the ground. This creates more traction and less damage to your yard. The newly redesigned Wagner cab improves visibility and comfort, improving productivity, and 4WD stackers come with the fuel savings you expect from the...

  • Winch

  • Model W3C - Winch

    Model W3C - Winch

    The W3C winch has long been the workhorse winch for small woodlot owners and for land development contractors operating in rough ground conditions, as an essential tool for self-rescue and for skidding logs. The W3C remains available for a wide range of older tractors that have no other winch option.

  • Allied - Model H8L - Winch

    Allied - Model H8L - Winch

    The Allied H8L winch extends the widely accepted design of the H6H winch to the next class of crawler dozers. The H8L winch is an essential adjunct to dozers operating in rough-terrain conditions where uptime is key to success and the winch is fundamental to maintaining mobility under any conditions. The H8L winch brings together the best of field-proven engineering and modern hydraulic capability to deliver a winch unrivaled in this size class. With...

  • Cranes

  • Allied - Model CTD - Handling Systems

    Allied - Model CTD - Handling Systems

    Allied side handling systems launch and recover scientific packages such as CTD rosettes, small ROVs, or tow components for scientific exploration. The handling system complements a winch system that provides control during package deployment. The Allied side handling system can be automated for programmable launch and recovery sequencing, for safer operations in inclement weather.