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  • Hydraulic Cylinders & Components

    Hydraulic Cylinders & Components

    We have a large selection of standard cylinders and components and the ability to design to meet our customers' specifications. Our cylinders have bores ranging from 3/4' - 4 1/4' and strokes up to 6 1/2'.

  • Digital and Analog Instruments

    Digital and Analog Instruments

    AMA Instruments creates analog and digital instruments for off-highway and agricultural vehicles and gardening machines. Our work encompasses study of design and graphic imaging with great attention to technical aspects, all with an eye to our customers' unique needs.

  • Tillage and Cutting Parts

    Tillage and Cutting Parts

    The AMA group has two forging divisions in central Italy that use high-quality boron steel and an in-house heat treatment process to deliver a superior product for OEMs and aftermarket customers.

  • 3-Point Hitch Kits and Components

    3-Point Hitch Kits and Components

    The AMA group has a plant in Italy and one in India that both produce standard and custom 3-point hitch kits. In addition to the complete system, they also produce a range of spare parts, including joints, couplings, ball ends, hooks, adjustable leveling arms, check chains, U-shackles, turnbuckles, pins, and clips. See our catalog (below) for more products and specifications.

  • PTOS and Components

    PTOS and Components

    We have a wide variety of PTOs (categories 1 - 8) and PTO components suitable for a range of applications. We also manufacture custom components and PTOs to meet our customers' needs.