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  • Spreaders

  • Perfect  - Model ZA-X Series - Centrifugal Broadcaster

    Perfect - Model ZA-X Series - Centrifugal Broadcaster

    The AMAZONE ZA-X Perfect centrifugal broadcaster is available with hopper sizes of 600, 900 and 1400 litres. With the 250 litre extension the capacity of the ZA-X Perfect 602 is increased to 850 litres. By simply adding a robust 350 litre hopper extension the ZA-X 902 & ZA-X 1402 can be increased to 1250 & 1750 litres respectively. In addition the ZA-X 902 can be increased to 1700 litres by adding the extension L 800. These extensions can be...

  • Crop Protection

  • AMAZONE  - Model UF Series - Mounted Crop Protection Spray

    AMAZONE - Model UF Series - Mounted Crop Protection Spray

    AMAZONE plant protection equipment offers maximum modern spraying technology, reliability, stability and easy handling. The UF sprayers are available with four different tank sizes, the UF 901 with 1050 litres capacity, the UF 1201 with 1350 litres. The UF 1501 with 1720 litres and the UF 1801 with 1980 litres offer large tank volumes. In this way the bigger sized series combine the advantages of the mounted and trailed sprayers  in one...

  • Amazone - Model FT 1001 - Front Tank System

    Amazone - Model FT 1001 - Front Tank System

    Thanks to the large tank volume the new Amazone FT 1001 front tank system allows area outputs such as with a trailed sprayer or a self propelled machine of the same filling volume. The Flow Control fill level management in the AMATRON 3 on-board computer provides the optimum, fill level dependent homogenizing of the spray agent in both tanks.

  • Soil Tillage

  • Catros - Compact Disc Harrows

    Catros - Compact Disc Harrows

    The Catros compact disc harrows from AMAZONE make work go by twice as fast! Being easy to pull, these machines allow for high speed travelling but still leave a top class quality of work.High work rates, low fuel consumption and little wear costs are the special strengths of the Catros compact disc harrows. They are ideally suited for a fast, shallow and intensively mixing stubble work and operate blockage free even with high amounts of surface...

  • Cenius - Mounted Mulch Cultivator

    Cenius - Mounted Mulch Cultivator

    A third of all input and machinery costs on farms can be allocated to soil tillage and cultivation. Increasing prices for inputs, such as diesel and the once-again reduced commodity prices are exacerbating the situation even further. The necessity to reduce costs is clearer than ever - more efficient soil tillage methods are becoming increasingly attractive.

  • Cenius  - Model TX - Soil Tillage

    Cenius - Model TX - Soil Tillage

    The new Cenius TX in working widths of 4, 5, 6 and 7 m offers excellent working Performance for: Stubble cultivation after the harvest: 8 to 12 cm. Medium-deep soil tillage and intensive mixing: 12 to 20 cm. Topsoil deep loosening after root crops: 20 to 30 cm

  • Packer Rollers

  • Model SW Series - Cage Roller

    Model SW Series - Cage Roller

    The solid cage roller ensures the depth guidance of the soil tillage implement. It provides a loose, open seed bed for the following sowing or planting operation. Cage rollers are available with an outer diameter of 420 mm for working widths of 2.50 and 3 m and an outer diameter of 520 mm for working widths of 3 and 4 m.

  • AMAZONE  - Model PW - Tooth Packer Roller

    AMAZONE - Model PW - Tooth Packer Roller

    The PW tooth packer roller is designed for a recompaction area covering over the entire surface. The deeply positioned, wear resistant scrapers ensure a blockage free operation even on very wet soils and if much straw is prevailing. As standard the scrapers are armoured by hard metal coating to triple the service life of usual scrapers. The PW tooth packer rollers with an outer diamater of 420 mm are available for working widths of  2.50 and 3...

  • Conventional Seed Drills

  • Model D9  - Mounted Seed Drill

    Model D9 - Mounted Seed Drill

    D9 mounted seed drills can be used as a solo machine or in combination with all soil tillage implements for either conventional or mulch sowing. With this in mind, these seed drills can be equipped, from choice, with either WS suffolk coulters or with RoTeC Control disc coulters.

  • Pneumatic Seed Drills

  • Model AD-P - Special Pack Top Seed Drill

    Model AD-P - Special Pack Top Seed Drill

    The AD-P Special 750 pneumatic seed drill, with its compact design, in 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 m working width, has been developed for use on medium sized farms. The seed hopper capacity is 750 l and can be increased with an extension to 1,000 l.  Designed especially for farms which are increasing in acreage and still looking for the advantages of a PTO-driven combination but with a higher output, the AD-P Special 1250 in 3 m, 3.5 m or 4 m working...

  • Large Area Sowing Technology

  • Cirrus Large Area Seed Drill

    Cirrus Large Area Seed Drill

    Seed drills with integrated passive soil tillage are used whenever relatively cost effective sowing with high work rates is required. Conventional and, of course, more and more, conservation arable farming systems are included in the operational ranges. With the Cirrus, one has a machine, with which it is possible to achieve precision sowing especially in medium to high yielding areas yet with a relevant higher acreage output. 'Cirrus 6001 is a...

  • Precision Airplanters

  • Model ED  - Precision Airplanter

    Model ED - Precision Airplanter

    AMAZONE precision Airplanters have carefully been designed for the demands of contractors and large farms. They are extremely versatile, are highly efficient and reliable with unprecedented accuracy. According to profi-Test operational speeds of 9 km/h are possible without problem. AMAZONE Precision Airplanters are extremely robust and simple and convenient to operate. In addition they are convincing by excellent placement accuracy, reliability and...

  • Model EDX  - Precision Airplanter

    Model EDX - Precision Airplanter

    The acreage of maize being grown continues to increase. In Germany, for example, in 2010, a good 2.3 million hectares of maize were sown, 10 % more than in 2009. On the other hand, depending on the location, crop rotation and seed variety, the period  for sowing is very short.