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  • AMB Rousset - Model N02 - Nut Harvester

    AMB Rousset - Model N02 - Nut Harvester

    Standard harvesting width : 0,950 m. Harvestiong width with an extra sweeper (standard version only) : 1,500 m. Output : 3 hours/ha (standard version) / from 4 up to 5 hours/ha (economical version). Air blower. Engine tyres : 18 x 9,50. Leading tyre : 16 x 7,50 8. Gas engine with electric start : VANGARD 350447 18 CV. Hydrostatic movement : walking ahead and reverse from 0 up to 6 km/h. Speed : 0-8 km/h. 2 driven wheel.

  • AMB Rousset - Elevator and Conveyor

    AMB Rousset - Elevator and Conveyor

    Very robust mechanically welded folded sheet frame. Fitted on 4 self-aligning bearings. Metal buckets made of galvanized folded sheets. Threephase moto-reducer, at fixed or adjustable speed, controlled by a mechanical variator. Flow : from 3 to 5 t/h depending on the slope.

  • Pickers

  • AMB Rousset - Roll Catcher Hazelnuts

    AMB Rousset - Roll Catcher Hazelnuts

    Our picks hazelnut is robust: it is made of galvanized flexible son assembled roll (11 inches), a wooden handle and a galvanized hook to empty its contents into a bucket without stooping. This durable tool and beautiful invoice you will harvest your nuts year after year. It can also be used to pick up all the little fallen fruit the size of hazelnuts olives, plums, cherries, almonds ... This tool is available in two sizes for larger fruit.

  • AMB Rousset - Model N02 - Ramasseuse Picker

    AMB Rousset - Model N02 - Ramasseuse Picker

    Standard Pickup width: 0.950 m, Capacity: 2 baskets 50 liters (standard) / 2 bins of 61 liters (eco), Air Motor: 18 x 9.50, Inflatable Director: x7,50 16 - 8, Engine petrol with electric start: 350447 VANGARD 18 HP, hydrostatic Transmission bridge: forward and reverse - 0 was 6 km / h, vibrating grid for the standard version only, Speed: up to 8 km / h, 2-wheel drive, Blower

  • AMB Rousset - Model R35 - Forage Swather Apples Picker

    AMB Rousset - Model R35 - Forage Swather Apples Picker

    Deutz engine 4 cylinders - 4 liters of displacement - 156 CV TURBO INTERCOOLER. Hydrostatic feed. Pump and motor SAUER. Very large steering flexibility. 4 steering-wheel with brake in the 2 bridges. 2 hydraulic speed and 2 mechanical gears. Brake Parking. wide low-pressure tires dimensions: 500/45 R 20 '' WEIGHT AND dIMENSIONS - Length: 6.88 m / width: 2.41 m / height: 2.56 m - Weight: about 7 820 kg - Draining hopper: 3,40 m - hopper volume: 3500...

Products by Orchard Machinery Corporation (OMC)

  • Shockwave Tree Shakers

  • MAGNUM CATCHALL - Model VII SERIES II 90 OR 45 DEGREE - Two Piece Tree Crop Harvester

    MAGNUM CATCHALL - Model VII SERIES II 90 OR 45 DEGREE - Two Piece Tree Crop Harvester

    The concept of a two piece tree crop harvester has been around for a good many years. Recent innovations in hydraulic systems, control systems and power sources have prompted us to develop a hybrid harvesting package. The Catchall VII was designed and developed to produce a superior harvest. At the end of the day, you will see a remarkable difference in your production rate. Contact us for detailed information on our Catchall VII.

  • MAGNUM - Model Series V - Shock Wave Mono Boom

    MAGNUM - Model Series V - Shock Wave Mono Boom

    Our Shock Wave Mono Boom is a universal tree shaker. Small trees, large trees, trunk shaking; it's makes no difference. The Mono Boom will quickly and efficiently remove your crop with maximum safety to your trees. The power for this shaker is provided by a turbocharged Cummins diesel engine. The Cummins organization provides parts and service for their products on a worldwide basis.  Several important options are available for the Mono Boom. An...

  • Model SERIES V - Shock Wave Sprint Drives

    Model SERIES V - Shock Wave Sprint Drives

    Our Shock Wave Sprint drives straight down the tree row shaking each tree as it goes. The distinct advantage of the Sprint is it's speed. It is not unusual for this machine to harvest five to seven trees a minute. Rotating wheel sweepers clear the crop lying on the ground in front of the tires.An air conditioned operators compartment with a compact disc stereo sound system reduces operator fatigue and will increase your daily output production.Power...

  • Catchall  - Model V - Shock Wave System

    Catchall - Model V - Shock Wave System

    The Catchall V has a number of advantages to the grower or operator. It uses the Shock Wave System to remove the crop from the tree. A single operator runs the entire system. When operating in hillside conditions, the catching surface can be leveled. Highly maneuverable. Simple to operate. Full field of vision. Power for this harvester is provided by a Cummins turbo diesel engine and state of the art hydraulic system.

  • Aftershock Material Handling

  • Model AR-7 - Bin Carrier

    Model AR-7 - Bin Carrier

    The After Shock AR-7 Bin Carrier Distributes and collects bins through out your orchard to help increase the productivity of your harvest operation. The operators platform features joystick controls and shift on the fly gear change. Rubber roller forks allow you to pick up bins quick and easy without damage. The AR-7 has independent rear steering for maneuvering in tight orchards and an articulating heavy duty rear axle to keep you going in tough...

  • Model CC-350- SERIES II - Conveyor Cart

    Model CC-350- SERIES II - Conveyor Cart

    The After Shock CC-350 is designed to hold the maximum volume of product for your harvesting operation. The duel chain system lets you unload your product faster with no nut damage or spillage. The side panels on the CC-350 help increase load capacity and prevent spillage from low hanging branches. This on the go transfer system will help your farming operation save valuable time and money during your harvest season. Contact us for more information on...

  • Model SD-36 - Field Elevator

    Model SD-36 - Field Elevator

    The SD-36 Elevator has a 36' wide belt to move product fast and gentle. The duel belt system allows the operator to control belt speed for faster unloading, less plugging and minimal spillage or nut damage. The large Hopper allows the driver to unload the AR-400 Shuttle rapidly and get back in the field for the next load. The SD-36 has swing out controls so it can be operated from inside the cab of the AR-400. The speed and convenience of the SD-36...

  • Model SE-180 - Elevator

    Model SE-180 - Elevator

    Belt Width - 36 inches. Discharge Height - 15 feet 4 inches. Width - 8 feet. Total Length - 47 feet 9 inches. Tow Height - 13 feet 6 inches. Top Belt Discharge - 90 Degrees

  • WESCO Trailers

  • Super  - Hopper

    Super - Hopper

    The one of a kind design of the 'Super Hopper' has allowed the removal of all interior cross bracing while increasing the capacity to 3,000 cubic feet. The oversize gate will let your crop flow rapidly into the pit or onto a stockpile belt.

  • Hopper


    The Hopper is as versatile as it is well built like all of the other WESCO trailers. Approximate capacity is 1,500 cubic feet with heavy duty landing gear that will hold your crop in without any problems.

  • Straight Hopper

    Straight Hopper

    The light weight Straight Hopper can be easily modified from its grain configuration of approximately 1,500 cubic feet to approximately 2,500 cubic feet by adding 36' removable extensions

  • Double Gate Hopper

    Double Gate Hopper

    The uniquely built Double Gate Hopper is heavy duty and strong. The frame is formed hi-tensile steel capable of holding approximately 970 cubic feet of crop.

  • Drop-In Hopper

    Drop-In Hopper

    WESCO can easily adapt any make of outside frame flatbed trailer to accept the Drop-In hopper. They can also be fitted with upper extensions.