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  • Teat Spraying

  • JetStream - Teat Spraying

    JetStream - Teat Spraying

    Fully Vacuum operated so no electricity required. Switches on and off automatically with the milking system. Choice of 3 guns. Every unit tested before shipment. Each JetStream comes complete with a handy AmbiSpanner for easy installation. Easy to install and maintain. Comprehensive 12 month warranty.

  • Classic  - Automated Teat Sprayer

    Classic - Automated Teat Sprayer

    Fully Vacuum operated so no electricity required. The new EasySpray Gun combines revolutionary solid cone spray technology and lever style convenience to give the most efficient spray pattern possible. Wide angle adjustable spray pattern for complete but economic coverage. Unique Dump Valve means no mess when you switch off or change guns and automatically back-flushes the chemical intake filter. Expandable up to 20 guns. Every unit tested before...

  • Test Dipping

  • Ambic - Model ADC/125  - Mini Dipper

    Ambic - Model ADC/125 - Mini Dipper

    An alternative version of the popular Original No.1 Non Return Dip Cup, the MiniDipper has a 15ml dip cup capacity to suit smaller teated animals.

  • Teat Foaming

  • AutoFoamer - Pre-Milking Preparation System

    AutoFoamer - Pre-Milking Preparation System

    To meet the demand for greater automation in the area of pre-milking preparation the new AutoFoamer™ automates the process of foam generation to provide farmers with a fully automated and constant supply of optimum quality foam. The kit comes with handy new dropper kits which incorporate a patented new system of foam generation to optimise foam quality and make for easy cleaning between milkings.

  • PowerFoamer - Pre- And Post- Teat Disinfection System

    PowerFoamer - Pre- And Post- Teat Disinfection System

    The evolution of foaming pre- and post- teat disinfection is recognised as a major breakthrough in the management of mastitis. Modern foaming disinfectants provide dense wetting foam that bathes the teat with fresh active chemical as each bubble bursts, providing new levels of efficacy and efficiency. Available in a pneumatic version that uses existing on-farm air supply and an electric version with built-in air pump.

  • Foam n Dip - Pre- and Post- Teat Sanitisation System

    Foam n Dip - Pre- and Post- Teat Sanitisation System

    Foam'n'Dip is a simple, economical and yet highly effective dual purpose teat sanitisation system which generates low pressure compressed air to automate both pre- and post- teat sanitisation processes. The system comprises mains operated a dual purpose Air Power Unit which is used to operate a combination of Foam Applicators for pre-milking treatment and Dip Applicators for post-milking teat sanitisation. Using a single power unit to drive both types...

  • Cow Locator

  • Cow Locator

    Cow Locator

    Correct cow positioning is of critical importance to the achievement of optimal cluster alignment. This in turn facilitates the good, clean milking out of all four quarters in order to maximise milk yield and maintain optimum udder health. Correct cow positioning is also important for optimum presentation of the cow’s teats for effective teat spraying. The Ambic Locator™ is a cow positioning device which is specifically designed for rotary...