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  • Full Cattle Handling Systems

    Full Cattle Handling Systems

    The alley width can be adjusted using a screw jack to stop calves turning round. A no-back bar prevents cattle from backing out. Its height can be adjusted and is best set to 6 inches below the top of the tail head of the beasts being handled. An additional aluminium tailgate (like that on the Squeeze Crush) is also available for the back of the alley, to control the flow of cattle entering, which can be controlled from the front of the Squeeze Crush.

  • Automatic Head Gate

    Automatic Head Gate

    The automatic head gate works well with all types of cattle but is particularly well suited to farms where cattle are relatively feisty, or for finishing units where individual beasts only pass through the Squeeze Crush a few times. Both sides are spring loaded, removing the need to adjust the width of the head gate for different neck sizes. Two levers give the operator the choice of releasing the beast forwards through the head gate or backwards and out...