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  • Transcraft - Flatbed Trailers

    Transcraft - Flatbed Trailers

    Sharpen your focus on the bottom line with Transcraft flatbeds. Our steel, hybrid and aluminum models boast the industry’s highest quality specifications to stand up to your demands for increased load capacity, minimal maintenance and rugged dependability, year after year.

  • Wilson - Aluminum Super B Grain Trailer

    Wilson - Aluminum Super B Grain Trailer

    Wilson's Pacesetter Super B trailer  allows you to move more payload per haul by coupling two lightweight aluminum trailers together.  The lead unit's fixed fifth wheel assembly is located on its extended tri-axle sub frame, 57' from the rear of the trailer. Lightweight, long-lasting aluminum and Wilson's tested-tough construction results in a trailer able to endure varying extremes and road stresses, while acheiving some of the industry's...

  • Transcraft - Dropdeck Trailers

    Transcraft - Dropdeck Trailers

    Lower the deck and increase your versatility – and your payload. Whether you need a high-performance solution for regional hauls or a lightweight option for low-cost miles clear across the country, Transcraft helps you deliver on loads with special requirements.

  • Wilson - Pacesetter Aluminum Grain Trailer

    Wilson - Pacesetter Aluminum Grain Trailer

    Wilson Pacesetter commodity trailers are available in a range of trailer lenghts to suit any hauling operation. The sides of Wilson trailers are fastened using larger diameter rivets to produce a greater, more desirable shear strength.  Combine this with the uniqueness of Wilson's one-piece inside and outside wall skins and a state-of the-art maximun side strength design is created. Wilson grain trailers are more durable and last longer giving...

  • Wilson - Aluminum Gooseneck L/S Trailer

    Wilson - Aluminum Gooseneck L/S Trailer

    24'x7', 6'8' height, 7' wide inside. 2-7,000 lb. torflex axle, 235/85R16 tires. 10 ply, side door, access door to nose, 2 centre gates. alumn floor, extra lights, slam latch on rear door, full swing outside slide rear door. (Also available in 18' & 20' lengths with 1 centre gate.). (8' wide trailers with 2-8,000 lb axles and larger tires also available.).

  • Wilson - Patriot Belt Trailer

    Wilson - Patriot Belt Trailer

    With expert engineering and precision manufacturing, the Patriot by Wilson Trailer Company allows for greater payloads due to its lightweight and long-lasting aluminum construction. And because its aluminum, the trailer is not prone to rusting - the Patriot will maintain its look with less upkeep. The aerodynamically designed smooth one-piece sidewall makes the Patriot streamlined - reducing wind drag, increasing fuel economy, and making the trailer...