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  • Mussel farming equipment

    Specialised equipment for mussl growing, mussel seeding, mussel harvesting & mussel grading. Large range of processing equipment with different capacites available.

  • Mussel Rope Hauling Systems

    Mussel Rope Hauling Systems

    Hauling systems for continuous culture rope. Tractor drive system for Peg type rope. Hauling wheels for continuous growing rope.

  • Mussel Declumpers

    Mussel Declumpers

    Designed for both Blue & Greenshell mussels. Capacities from 500kg/hr up to 20ton/hr. Options include integral rope washers, clip on washing & grading screens & rope hauling systems. Machines can be hydraulic, petrol or electrically driven. Hydraulic or manually controlled incline systems.

  • Declumper Outfeed Conveyors

    Declumper Outfeed Conveyors

    Conveyor options include: Bucket elevator type. Water wheel type. Adjustable incline with hydraulic ram. Central pivoting type with hydraulic ram. Plastic modular belting with upstands.

  • Oyster Processing Equipment

  • Ansco - Oyster Washing Machine

    Ansco - Oyster Washing Machine

    Designed to wash half shell oysters on trays. Stainless steel rod conveyor belt holds oyster in place on tray while circulated water gently washes the oyster meat. Removes grit & shell.

  • Fish Processing - Salmon Processing Equipment

  • Ansco - Vertical Fish Elevator

    Ansco - Vertical Fish Elevator

    Elevating conveyor system. 4.5m high outfeed as shown in picture. Portable design in lightweight alloy. Modular plastic buckets for gentle fish handling.