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  • Grain Handling

  • Agrosec Duoflo - Grain Dryer

    Agrosec Duoflo - Grain Dryer

    In our opinion no real top solutions for grain drying were available, so we created one. You choose the time for drying, not the weather.The traditional drying method in continuous dryers was seldom the best solution. It functioned perfectly in large-scale production, but it could only handle sufficiently dry grain and with large amounts, it was not in the least bit economical. On the other hand, a batch dryer was very efficient when the grain was...

  • Model E - Elevators

    Model E - Elevators

    The sturdy E-series elevator is reliable and service free with direct drive unit. The series has five capacity options: 40,60, 80, 100 t/h up to 35 metres in height and 120 t/h up to 27 metres in height. The E-model high effect elevators utilize gear motors and serviceable design. The direct drive E-model, without V-belts, is also very fire safe. There are two elevator bottom models available to all elevators: symmetric and hopper models....

  • Model A - Elevators

    Model A - Elevators

    The A-model series elevator has three different capacity options. A40, A70 and A90, up to 17 metres in height. The A- model elevator utilize a v-belt drive unit. The elevators are manufactured from hot-galvanized steel sheeting. Wearing parts are easy to replace. Cleaning hatches in upper and lower end. Delivery includes abundant accessories, for instance, electrical surveillance of belt tensioning and cleaning brush. Agrosec-elevators – the...

  • Silos

  • Round Silo

    Round Silo

    Antti round silos or silo combinations are modularly dimensioned and made of curved profiled elements. Exceptionally, they can be delivered as so-called material packages so that the customer may erect the silos on site. The profile silos are always assembled on site. The attachment of the elements is done with bolts, and the installationof the silos is simple and straightforward. The installation is done by using a crane or silo jacks. Round silo...

  • Profile Silo

    Profile Silo

    Antti profile silos or silo combinations are modularly dimensioned and made of horizontal profiled elements. They are well-suited for different conditions and purposes. Standard profile has an open profile structure. Thanks to the modular structure the profile silos can be expanded, when new storage space is needed quickly. The profile silos fit well into their surroundings and their façades form a well-balanced whole with other industrial...

  • Model PRO  - AIR silos

    Model PRO - AIR silos

    In PRO AIR silo air is blowed to grain when it is waiting transfer in dryer and also empting is done gently with air. You keep the quality and optimize result. PRO AIR silo excels in 3 different use. PRO air silo is middle storage for harvested grain before drying – enabling effective harvesting. Secondly PRO AIR silo is cooling silo for dried grain, if drying capacity starts to be a bottleneck. Cooling time can be used for drying. Third use for...

  • Big Silos

    Big Silos

    If Antti-round silos are too small alternative, we can also offer our cooperation partners´ big round silos with bottom cone to ->2500 m3 and with flat bottom to ->15000 m3. Silo range is really comprehensive and we can find suitable silo size for many purposes. Silos are manufactured according to European standards.