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    APH has fully equipped service vans with trained personnel at its disposal for putting machines into operation, maintenance and service. This personnel has been trained to work with the machines under various circumstances. In the unlikely event if one of your machines breaking down during work, APH can, together with its suppliers, guarantee a quick service and supply of spare parts from their different stocks in your area.

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  • Food Processing Industry

    Food Processing Industry

    Continuous supply of high quality raw materials is of the greatest importance for efficient processing of crops to a finished endproduct. Crop and field data are important for food safety and traceability reasons. The use of crop information dashboards make it possible to access current crop and field data of all suppliers. And by using smart modules raw material supply can be optimized during the growing season.

  • Advice Organisations & Supplying Services

    Advice Organisations & Supplying Services

    Producers or suppliers of crop protection and seeds like their products being used in the field properly and in the most sustainable way. Digital support can assist the advisor to give the customer the proper crop treatment advice at the right time. Modules are developed for both the grower and advisor.