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  • Filters:

  • AST - Bubble Bead Filters

    AST - Bubble Bead Filters

    Our classic Bubble Bead Filters offer robust, efficient, and dependable water filtration. A popular product in multiple industries and applications, the Bubble Bead Filters by AST offer easy maintenance and effective filtration. Perfect for aquaculture systems, research applications, quarantine systems, broodstock holding, and more. Studies have shown that our bead filters capture 100% of particles greater than 50 microns and 48% of particles in the...

Products by Delta Hydronics, LLC

  • Plate Exchangers

  • Model DPHE-A102-9 - Plate Heat Exchangers

    Model DPHE-A102-9 - Plate Heat Exchangers

    HIGH CAPACITY MODEL Made of Titanium/NBR - Dimensions 15'x21'x27' - 1' NPT Connection - 23 GPM*. Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) are designed to provide maximum efficiency in heat transfer using non corrosive metals for various aquatic heating and cooling applications using the minimal amount of floor space. The exchangers are used in conjunction with chiller and boiler equipment. PHE units range from 4 to 300 gpm.

Products by RK2 Systems, Inc.

  • RK2 - System Pumps

    RK2 - System Pumps

    RK2 Systems pumps are a high efficiency, industrial grade pump. Ideal for your aquaculture, public aquaria or general transfer and recirculation needs - RK2 Systems pumps produce excellent flow rates at sufficient pressure (head) to really get the job done. The industrial grade noryl housings are built for long term use. A strainer pot may be attached to facilitate priming in a suction lift application and to strain debris from the inflow.