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  • Controllers

  • Titan - Model II - Controllers

    Titan - Model II - Controllers

    Argus Titan II controllers are the powerhouses at the heart of the Argus system. We custom program each one to manage your specific applications. They are fast, rugged, highly configurable, and can run more applications than most controllers in their class. They can also be easily networked together for seamless control of any sized facility. Each system starts with an Access Point controller which consists of an Argus Titan II controller equipped...

  • I/O (Inputs/Outputs)

  • Model I/O Series - Modules

    Model I/O Series - Modules

    Argus I/O Modules function as seamless extensions of each Argus Controller, acquiring data from connected sensors and executing all equipment control operations.  Large numbers of I/O Modules can be linked together to match the applications under control and physical locations of the controlled equipment and sensors. They can be ganged together in panels or distributed individually throughout your operation as required.

  • Model I/O - Outputs Modules

    Model I/O - Outputs Modules

    Argus I/O Modules have addressable connectors for automated equipment control signals. Any combination of Argus Output Relay Boards can be connected to provide control signals that are precisely matched to the controlled equipment. Depending on the application, each I/O Module can operate between 4 and 32 discreet outputs.

  • Other Products

  • Model RM Series - Multi-Feed Nutrient Injection System

    Model RM Series - Multi-Feed Nutrient Injection System

    Argus Multi-Feed injectors including the new Multi-Feed RM are designed and manufactured exclusively by Argus and feature some of the most advanced capabilities of any nutrient control equipment including full single-element dosing options. The injectors are capable of 'on-the-fly' delivery of multiple stock concentrates regardless of the system flow rate.