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  • Automation

  • ATL - Cow Milk Meter

    ATL - Cow Milk Meter

    The control panel is easy to use and comes with built-in ACR connection as standard, and swing-to-start or lift-to-start as an option. The system is easy to install using the plug and play wiring kit. It fully integrates into the ATL system and Cowculator PC dairy animal software, allowing milk yields to be stored for multiple lactations and used for management purposes, as well as feeding to yield.

  • ATL - Auto Plant Washer

    ATL - Auto Plant Washer

    The Auto Plant Washer is our newest addition to our product range. It is a simple and easy to use control, allowing the user to wash their parlour automatically. The Auto Plant Washer is the latest product produced by ATL. It has the capabilities to wash herringbone parlours saving time and labour costs of manual washing.

  • ATL - Powerflush Backflush System

    ATL - Powerflush Backflush System

    The ATL Powerflush backflush system reduces labour by automatically cleaning the cluster after each and every cow is milked. The system flushes the liner, claw and long milk tube with a water / peracetic acid mix followed by compressed air after each cow is milked. This provides every cow with a clean cluster to keep cross contamination to a minimum. Two compressed air clamp valves, one on the long milk tube and one on the flushing tube, prevent the...

  • Feeding Controls

  • ATL - Digital Feeder Control

    ATL - Digital Feeder Control

    The Digital Feeder Control can run two feeders, left and right, on herringbone and abreast parlours, or the rotary feeder on a rotary platform. Simply turn the knob to the desired ration and flick the switch to the left or right and the feeder will start to feed. Batch feeding is available as an option using the Master Feeder Control.

  • ATL - Auto Feeder Control

    ATL - Auto Feeder Control

    The Auto Feeder Control is the new and improved version of the AutoXL control. It is a simple and easy to use ration feeder control. It can be used on herringbone parlours. The control has 15 ration keys. Calibrate key '1' to deliver the basic ration of feed and the other keys will deliver multiples of this - key '2' will deliver two units, key '3' will deliver three units and so on.