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  • Agricultural Products

  • Model A-U78 - Universal Attachment

    Model A-U78 - Universal Attachment

    Universal model that can be install on the great majority of tractors, hay balers and forage harvesters. Requires tools for installation or to transfer a tractor to another

  • Model A-C78AR - Snap

    Model A-C78AR - Snap

    To installs on the majority of hitchs extensions wihout tools. Hitches extension from 2 ¼' thickness to 4' in width. Certain European tractors need light modifications for the hitch extension.

  • Model A-AHDT-C88 - Attachment

    Model A-AHDT-C88 - Attachment

    To installs on all hitch extension from 2-1/4' thickness to 4' in width. Requires tools for adjustment. Capacity of 60 000 lbs

  • Model A-RR88  - Retractable Receiver

    Model A-RR88 - Retractable Receiver

    Folding receiver with 1'' bolt and folding legs. Can be used on all farm wagons an d farm platforms. Specially conceived for wagons and hay baler. Depending on the type of land. Ex. : ditch, pit, railroad tracks, difference in pronounced ground level on a short distance.

  • Model A-RS78 - Solid Receiver

    Model A-RS78 - Solid Receiver

    Solid receiver with 7/8 bolt. Only to be used on flat ground. Compatible with C78 and F78 attachments. For silage boxes and four-wheel platform (not to be installed on hay cars).

  • Marine Products

  • Naval Quick Release

    Naval Quick Release

    Quick unhooking system can support more than 20 tons of pressure on the inside crowbar. Andmakes release very easy of the pressure exerted by a rope 4 inches in diameter with the simple push of your finger. Manufactured with the hardnest steel on the market. You can weld or bolt this equipment directly to the floor of your boat.

  • Replacement Base Plate and Bolt

    Replacement Base Plate and Bolt

    Base plate fixture. you can install many base kit for use your quick release in many baot. include 1 base plate, 2 bolt and 1 steel ring.

  • Industrial Products

  • Industrial Attach

    Industrial Attach

    Attach and detach system, can support a great amount of impact every day for several years. This equipment is among the best to reduce the expenses of operation due to the placement of industrial trailers on your construction site or manufacturing operation.