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  • Model D260 - Deep Blade System Auseeder

    Model D260 - Deep Blade System Auseeder

    The D-260 Series DBS Auseeders are available in 10 models. The 260mm (10’) tine spaced Auseeders have a transport width ranging from 5.86m (19’03’) to 7.53m (24’09’) with working widths from 6.24 (20’06’) to 18.20m (59’09’).

  • Model M60003DB - Multistream Airseeder

    Model M60003DB - Multistream Airseeder

    The award-winning Multistream airseeder is available in seventeen (17) models, in tow-between, tow-behind or drawbar configurations. The Mulitistream is designed to deliver granular and liquid product and can be split as required. For example, with a four bin model, one of the tanks can be used for liquid nitrogen, one for herbicide, one for granular fertiliser and one for seed.