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  • NutriDose I - Controller System

    NutriDose I - Controller System

    The new NutriDose1 is a simple, rugged hydroponic EC/pH doser. The controller has a simple menu system that allows you to set the nutrient EC and pH set point, calibrate the sensors and set irrigation timings etc. In its basic form it will automatically add nutrient stock solutions and correct the pH of solution in a mixing tank. It can also be used to periodically switch on an irrigation pump for a simple drip irrigated or flood-drain system. It has an...

  • Autofog Controller

    Autofog Controller

    The AutoFog controller measures air temperature and relative humidity and uses this information to intelligently control the fogging in a greenhouse or grow room. The fog may be produced by any means including high pressure fogging system, low pressure misters or a spinning disk fogging fan.  Fogging may be used to cool the growing environment and also to humidify it in dry weather.  In very humid, warm weather the fan may be allowed to run but fogging...

  • MULTI - Climate Controller

    MULTI - Climate Controller

    The MULTI climate controller can control up to 8 greenhouse compartments in addition to other functions like fertigation, hydroponic dosing and environment monitoring. Although the climate control has a high level of functionality, many of the more complex settings are preset in the factory and you will get excellent results without changing these.  They are provided for the perfectionists who would be frustrated if they were not available. ...

  • NutriTest - Hand Held Combination Tester

    NutriTest - Hand Held Combination Tester

    The NutriTest is a hand held combination tester in a portable and compact design. It simultaneously measures and displays nutrient, pH and temperature readings on large easy to read LCD display. Calibration of the NutriTest is easy using the built in wizard to guide you through the calibration process. You can select EC, CF, TDS500 or TDS640 for nutrient measurement and °C or °F for temperature measurement. The NutriTest has a long battery...