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  • Curtain Motor

  • AutoVent - Model CTC-0100 - Thermostat Control

    AutoVent - Model CTC-0100 - Thermostat Control

    Rugged Sealed Thermostat allows Automatic Natural Ventilation Operation. Easy-to-adjust Corded Remote with Manual Override Toggle. Thermostat can Easily be Mounted Hundreds of Feet from Curtain Motor with opt. thermostat extension cords. Adjustable open and closing time, Adjustable idle time. Note: Thermostat control is a single circuit unit.

  • AutoVent - Model CMC-0400 - Manual Switch Control

    AutoVent - Model CMC-0400 - Manual Switch Control

    Allows easy operation with rugged switches. Single Circuit or Two Circuit manual power supply. Note: 2 circuit manual power supply does not increase its. capacity; only allows individual control of 2 motors.

  • Automated Dairy Barn Ventilation Controller

    Automated Dairy Barn Ventilation Controller

    The VentGenie is the perfect solution for the challenges of ventilating in changeable Springtime weather. Warm and windless days trigger tunnel mode or overhead fans, keeping your cows cool. The VentGenie can sense differing conditions throughout the day, and will automatically change between tunnel ventilation and natural ventilation.

  • AutoVent - Humidity Master

    AutoVent - Humidity Master

    The Humidity Master is an advanced sprinkler controller for cooling dairy cows. High humidity and sprinklers are no problem with the Humidity Master. The Humidity Master is the perfect sprinkler control for tiestall barn sprinkler systems. It intelligently controls the amount of water as the humidity rises.

  • AutoVent - Fan Commander

    AutoVent - Fan Commander

    The Fan Commander is your thermostat on steroids! It uses  the wind, average and real temperature to decide when you want your fans to operate. You save  electric by having it turn the fans off when its windy outside the barn. Your cows are more comfortable because it runs the fans more during extra hot weather.

  • AutoVent - Vent Genie

    AutoVent - Vent Genie

    The VentGenie uses temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed to intelligently control curtains, baffles, garage doors, overhead fans and tunnel fans, plus complete sprinkler systems. By using current weather conditions, the VentGenie selects Tunnel Ventilation mode for warm, still days, while selecting Natural Ventilation mode on days with a breeze. The system is engineered to save energy by running fans only when needed to keep air...

  • AutoVent - Model Captain 6 - Understand Touch Screen

    AutoVent - Model Captain 6 - Understand Touch Screen

    The Captain6 offers a easy to understand touch screen to control the fan circuits in your dairy barn. It comes with a temperature probe to control any combination of your ventilation equipment. The optional 2nd temperature sensor allows your curtains to be in 2 different zones. Rain detection keeps the stallbeds dry. The humidity sensor allows optimal control for your livestock.

  • AutoVent - Variable Speed Drives

    AutoVent - Variable Speed Drives

    Varied motor speed in infinite steps. Sealed enclosure for agriculture environments. Clear enclosure lid and Full screen LCD to displays status. Compatible with ordinary 3 phase motors. Tested Low electrical and radio interference systems. Easy to install.Can be used as a phase converter.