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  • Model A4 - Milking Robot

    Model A4 - Milking Robot

    You may be facing one of the most important choices as an entrepreneur. How to grow your business with as little labour as possible? You do realize that this will inevitably require automation. The switch towards automated milking is a major step. First of all, this requires a substantial investment. In addition, you may wonder how your cows will adjust to the system and how you can keep monitoring your herd effectively. We are convinced that automation...

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  • Handling Equipment

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Elevator made with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. Solid and durable construction. Pre-assembled drive and walkway for easy installation. Wide range of discharge spouts to fit your project. 150 to 15 000 bushels/hour. Serving you for more than 35 years. Manufactured according to your needs.

  • Utility Augers

    Utility Augers

    Heavy-duty helical auger. Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel tube. Auger balanced in the factory. Pre-assembled for easy installation. Solid and durable construction for intensive use. Diameters: 3.5' to 12'. Regular or Duramax auger. Bolted coupler shaft to easily attach extensions. Lengths available: 5’, 10’, 15’ and 20’. Several accessories available. Possible to lengthen auger with extenders.

  • Model GSI  - Flexible Auger

    Model GSI - Flexible Auger

    Using PVC tubes to carry feed not only provides flexiblity in facility design, but reduces dust and protects against insects and contamination by rodents. Tubing and continuous-flight augers are available in several models: 220-300-350-500 and HR.

  • U-trough  - Drag Conveyors

    U-trough - Drag Conveyors

    High-performance, self-cleaning drag conveyors. Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel construction. Elevation up to 15° with the incline joint. Heavy-duty, durable cnc machining. 600 to 6400 bushels/hour. Pre-assembled drive, head and foot for easy installation. Dodge drive with shaft up to 3 15/16'. Heavy 81xh conveyor head and chain for intensive use. Highly resistant stainless steel return rail. 81x conveyor chain for 9' to 16'...

  • Hydraulic Conveyors

    Hydraulic Conveyors

    High-performance hydraulic conveyor. Complete system for meal and grain. Blower for 2', 3' and 4' tubes. 20 to 746 bushels/hour. Several blower accessories available

  • Grain Storage

  • Flat Bottom Silos

    Flat Bottom Silos

    GSI’s wide range of grain storage tanks provide many advantages and increased crop capacities. Those seeking an advantage when markets are low choose GSI grain silos to maximize profitability

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  • Bulk-Tech - Steel Hoppers

    Bulk-Tech - Steel Hoppers

    Building high quality hopper-bottom steel storage bins is our business. Each tank is carefully built here in our Ontario facility and features

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  • Slat Mats Green Floor System

    Slat Mats Green Floor System

    Comfort Slat Mats Green Floor System is the only tested and approved patented mat in the world that addresses both animal welfare and the environment. It is the only mat that has a smooth curve on the top that promotes the animal waste to the slots resulting in a cleaner, dryer and healthier animal. It is also the only mat in the world that sits into the slots/gaps and is held down by a spring loaded system which ensures that the mat...

  • Comfort Slat Mat

    Comfort Slat Mat

    Comfort Slat Mat is the only mat that is curved which allows the animal waste to be despatched quickly to the slurry tank, thereby keeping the animals dryer and cleaner. The Comfort Slat Mat is unique in that it is ‘cored’ in the centre which gives a softer feel under-foot and allows the animal to improve its grip when walking on it.

  • Green Floor System

    Green Floor System

    Comfort Green Floor introduces into the market the only Super Soft & Eco-Friendly Slat Mat that addresses both calf welfare and protects the environment. The Calf Green Floor System is the result of extensive R&D to meet the ever increasing demands by both Farmers & the animal welfare lobby to improve the welfare of calves housed on slats. It also addresses, for the first time by any rubber mat, the major...