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  • Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Big Boot

    Big Boot

    The Big Boot is Designed for Today's Bigger Machines. There is no reason for opening or closing your hopper-bottom bin while unloading with the Big Boot. All grain or fertilizer will cone inside the hopper and will not run over the edges or out of the tube. The removable slide-on lid helps keep out moisture when not in use.

Products by Summers Manufacturing Co., Inc

  • Tillages

  • CoulterChisel Combines Coulter Blades

    CoulterChisel Combines Coulter Blades

    The CoulterChisel combines coulter blades with chisel shanks, making it a great option for those who want more residue sizing and mixing than a standard chisel plow can offer. It also includes a 4-bar harrow for ensuring a level soil profile.

  • DiskChisel Tillage

    DiskChisel Tillage

    It's more than a chisel plow. The DiskChisel is the ultimate tillage tool for mixing residue and breaking compaction. Featuring a front row of individually hub-mounted disk blades followed by four ranks of chisel shanks and a 4-bar harrow, it’s an ideal fit for many fall tillage programs.

  • Land Rollers

  • Hydraulic Fold SuperRoller

    Hydraulic Fold SuperRoller

    Get all the benefits of land rolling with the added convenience of hydraulic folding. With the two- and three-section SuperRoller models in our RH series, you no longer have to back up the tractor to unfold the rollers into working position. Simply flip a switch and go.

  • Field Spraying Equipment

  • Model LT Series - Supersprayer

    Model LT Series - Supersprayer

    Available with 60- to 110-foot boom lengths, LT Supersprayers feature a patented boom design with all functions controlled from a single remote. They offer a long list of standard features, making them the most durable and efficient pull-type field sprayers on the market. The LT series was previously known as the Ultimate NT sprayers.

Products by J&M Manufacturing Inc.

  • Grain Carts

  • Model  1000, 1050, 1051, 1150, 1151, 1326, 1401 - Storm Grain Carts

    Model 1000, 1050, 1051, 1150, 1151, 1326, 1401 - Storm Grain Carts

    The Grain Storm series of grain carts offers a low profile and a narrow transport design. Available in Single, Dual Wheel and Track Axle options. J&M’s rugged grain cart construction has been helping farmers hold more, travel faster and unload quicker for over four decades, keeping them on the go even in the most extreme conditions.

  • Gravity Wagons

  • Model 250-7S, 250-7SB, 385SD, 440SD, 540SD, 680SD, 760SD - Gravity Wagons

    Model 250-7S, 250-7SB, 385SD, 440SD, 540SD, 680SD, 760SD - Gravity Wagons

    The road to farming is rugged, full of unexpected obstacles, bumps, twists and turns. That is why since 1960, J&M has built tank-like gravity wagons to get you through the worst conditions with ease. The heavy duty tank construction features steep slopes, corner valley slats and a sump design, providing fast and easy clean-out, even in high moisture grains. The front wheels feature an automotive tow setting for true-tracking. Offset...

  • Seed Tenders

  • Pro-Box  - Model  2.50 and  4.50 - Speed Tender

    Pro-Box - Model 2.50 and 4.50 - Speed Tender

    Designed with your seed needs in mind, the J&M SpeedTender Pro™ 4•50 is capable of transporting four, 50 unit seed boxes, or choose the SpeedTender Pro™ 2•50 to carry two, 50 unit seed boxes. Both carry your seeds anywhere with ease. The tall auger height allows you to easily fill your bulk seed tank, while the 3-stage telescoping spout gives you the reach necessary when transferring seed to the widest planter boxes. All of...

  • Soil Conditioner

  • Model TF2, TF212, TF215, TF5S - Soil Conditioner

    Model TF2, TF212, TF215, TF5S - Soil Conditioner

    Flex your muscles the next time you’re working ground with a J&M Torsion-Flex Soil Conditioner. The double basket design features a torsion-flex arm that maintains proper ground tension and allows the basket to flex over uneven terrain. The result is a more consistent performance that levels and finishes the soil in one pass...preparing a more uniform seed bed composed of finer soil at planting depth to help retain proper moisture and large...

Products by KIOTI Tractor Division DAEDONG - USA, INC

  • Tractors

  • KIOTI - Model NX4510 Cab - Tractor

    KIOTI - Model NX4510 Cab - Tractor

    Engine Gross Power: 45 HP (33.6 kw). PTO Type: Independent. Transmission Type: Synchro Shuttle. Shuttle: Dry Type Single Stage. 24x24 Manual Transmisson. CRDI diesel with Daedong ECO Technology. Independent PTO with Auto and Manual Selection. PTO Cruise Control. True Speed Cruise Control. Rear Differential Lock. Torque Compensation. Deluxe Cab with Panoramic View.

  • Other

  • KIOTI MECHRON - Model 2200 - Ultimate Transport Vehicle

    KIOTI MECHRON - Model 2200 - Ultimate Transport Vehicle

    Tough. Reliable. And a heck of a lot of fun. There’s a reason the MECHRON® 2200 is called the Ultimate Transport Vehicle. Engine Gross Power: 22 HP (16.4 KW). PTO Type: N/A. Transmission Type: 2 speed CVT. Shuttle: N/A. CVT with 4WD. 12” ground clearance. Widest cargo bed in its class. 1,500 lbs payload capacity. 1,300 lbs towing capacity. Front limited slip differential. Rear mechanical actuated differential lock. MacPherson strut...

  • Attachments

  • KIOTI - Model KL120 - Front End Loaders

    KIOTI - Model KL120 - Front End Loaders

    Arched low profile maximizes operator's visibility and corresponds perfectly with the unique hood style. Entire loader (except mounting) can be quickly detached from tractor. A built-in parking stand on the front-end loader provides quick and easy connection. Color complements KIOTI CK20S tractor. Mid-mount style frame for engine accessibility.

  • Implements

  • KIOTI - Medium-duty Rotary Cutters

    KIOTI - Medium-duty Rotary Cutters

    These medium-duty Rotary Cutters are available in 4' , 5' , 6' and 7' sizes. The 5' and 6' are available in Square Back or Round Back configurations.