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  • Agricultural Trailers

  • AW - Ultima Monocoque Trailers

    AW - Ultima Monocoque Trailers

    The Ultima Monocoque Trailers feature all the Ultima upgrades including a 5mm thick floor with extra floor supports and 4mm thick sides which are fully welded. A range of optional extras is available including air brakes with load sensing, ABS, silage sides and side to side roll-over sheets.

  • AW - Stock Containers

    AW - Stock Containers

    The AW Stock Containers feature an aluminium framework clad with high grade thick aluminium plate and incorporate a fully welded aluminium tread plate floor and are intended for use in conjunction with an AW Bale Trailer, although we can manufacture to suit any length of existing trailer.

  • AW - Ultima Trailers

    AW - Ultima Trailers

    The Ultima is an ultra high specification trailer which is available in Monocoque, Potato & Root, Bale and Industrial Dump models.

  • AW - Model 12 & 14 Tonne - Bale Trailers

    AW - Model 12 & 14 Tonne - Bale Trailers

    The Bale / Box / Pallet Trailers have high specification running gear and strong wide parallel chassis built from RHS. These tandem axle models can be fitted with either sprung or bogie suspension.

  • UltimaXtra - Trailers

    UltimaXtra - Trailers

    We are an official ‘Hardox In My Body’ manufacturer and have a new UltimaXtra Trailer range featuring Hardox bodies. Hardox is Stronger but lighter than conventional mild steel.

  • AW - Potato & Root Trailers

    AW - Potato & Root Trailers

    The Potato & Root trailers have longer, lower bodies than the Monocoque trailers in order to minimise crop damage. A full width laser cut front window complete with slide is fitted as standard. Hydraulic tailboards are commonly fitted as optional extras to the Potato & Root trailers.

  • AW - Dropside Trailers

    AW - Dropside Trailers

    The AW range of Dropside Trailers are designed for general use. They can be used with or without the sides, which are completely removable.

  • AW - Farm Dump Trailers

    AW - Farm Dump Trailers

    The AW Farm Dump Trailers are designed for use on the farm hauling materials such as manure and roots. They have a scow ended tapered body.

  • AW - Compact Trailers

    AW - Compact Trailers

    The AW Compact Trailer is available in a 2000kg gross weight model. They are designed for use behind compact tractors and can be used for transporting materials such as general garden debris and grass cuttings etc.

  • AW - Apple Trailers

    AW - Apple Trailers

    Apple trailers can be made to many different designs a few of which are shown above) to suit your requirements exactly.