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  • Zagavolter - Model ZK380 HD - Extendible Telescopic 380 Haymaker

    Zagavolter - Model ZK380 HD - Extendible Telescopic 380 Haymaker

    This latest telescopic model in the Volter Range from Zaga has all the excellent features of model ZK-3000, the universal 3 metre Haymaker. However due to it's variable width the 380 has the added advantage of being able to operate with wider mowers. The 380 can carry out every conditioning operation required on grass for both Hay and Silage. The variable width allows more grass to be mowed for bailing or foraging.

  • Zagahoyo - Model AT-150 - Augers

    Zagahoyo - Model AT-150 - Augers

    The main chassis, of solid tube manufacture, assures a long life for the ZAGAHOYO and also has a very solid helicoidal axle which allows ot to bore in any terrain, be it claylike, hard etc. Although you work on slopes, the oscillating system of the transmission box makes sure that the holes are absolutely vertical. Supplementary interchangeable borers make any kind of work of this type possible, as we provide helicoids of up to 600mm in Ø. The...