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  • Model PC - Power Cultivators

    Model PC - Power Cultivators

    The BWI line of power cultivators is second to none. These high-performance mulchers break up the heaviest soils for better planting performance and controlled work tillage depth, regardless of the soil condition. This also allows you to set planters, cultivators, and harvesters at one constant depth. High-Performance Farm Machinery for Fast & Efficient Field Work. Get the most reliable cultivating machinery, designed and manufactured by BWI....

  • Model T - Seedbed Mulchers

    Model T - Seedbed Mulchers

    These machines are designed for large seed row crops such as cotton, sugar beets, and corn. The Culti-Mulch standard machine breaks up heavy soils and forms smooth, uniform beds for preplanting and irrigation. Uniform beds result in better plant performance and a higher rate of germination.

  • Model SM - Solid Mulchers

    Model SM - Solid Mulchers

    This solid mulcher is capable of handling your most difficult field work. The Culti-Mulch Solid Mulcher was originally developed for use in the sod industry, where mulching is done on flat rows. It does an outstanding job of leaving a smooth, firm seedbed resulting in an improved germination and better root penetration of all grasses. It allows for easier harvesting of sod. This Culti-Mulch is also ideal for cleaning up weeds and smoothing out wheel...

  • Model PC - Vegetable Mulchers

    Model PC - Vegetable Mulchers

    Increase your yield in any soil condition. Designed for narrow-bed vegetables, such as carrots, onions, and lettuce, these versatile mulchers can be used with a wide variety of vegetable crops. They are rugged machines that are manufactured to outperform all other power mulchers and can also apply herbicides and fertilizers while maintaining the uniformity of bed shape, width, and height.