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  • Model T128X - Standard Large Seed Mulchers

    Model T128X - Standard Large Seed Mulchers

    These machines are designed for large seed row crops such as cotton, sugar beets, and corn. The Cult-Mulch standard machine breaks up heavy soils and forms smooth, uniform beds for preplant and irrigation. Uniform beds result in better planting performance and provide quicker germination along with a higher rate of germination.

  • Model PC1 - Vegetable Mulcher

    Model PC1 - Vegetable Mulcher

    Designed for narrow bed vegetables such as carrots, onions, and lettuce, these versatile mulchers can be used in a wide variety of vegetable crops and in all soil conditions. These rugged machines are manufactured to out-perform all other power mulchers and can also apply and incorporate herbicides and fertilizers while maintaining the uniformity of bed shape, width, and height.

  • Model SM-120 and SM-144 - Solid Mulcher

    Model SM-120 and SM-144 - Solid Mulcher

    The Culti-Mulch Solid Mulcher was originally developed for mulching on the flat for use in the sod industry. It does an outstanding job of leaving a smooth, firm seedbed resulting in an improved germination and better root penetration of all grasses, plus allowing for easier harvesting of the sod. The Solid Mulcher is also ideal for cleaning up weeds and smoothing out wheel ruts in orchards and vineyards. Whether you need a smooth floor for...

  • Model PC3 - Power Cultivators

    Model PC3 - Power Cultivators

    The BWImplement line of Power Cultivators are designed to form uniform bed heights and widths, also leaving a uniform seed bed at the same time, increasing moisture control and seed germination. These high-performance mulchers break up the heaviest soils for better planting performance and controlled work tillage depth, regardless of the soil condition. This also allows the grower to set planters, cultivators, and harvesters at one...

  • Model ADL - Drip Tape Plastic Mulch Laying Machines

    Model ADL - Drip Tape Plastic Mulch Laying Machines

    BWI offers a full line of drip tape and plastic laying sleds in both fixed row and fully adjustable models. Our sleds include features that make it easier to change rolls of tape and plastic for less down time. They are also designed to create more down pressure resulting in a tighter seal of plastic mulch. Our sleds are manufactured from 3 inch and 4 inch tubing and are built to last. Combination drip/plastic mulch laying sleds are also available....

  • Model OLX - Orchard Leveling Blades

    Model OLX - Orchard Leveling Blades

    BWImplement Orchard Levelers are constructed with 2' and 3' x ¼' wall square tubing, 2' x 4' x ¼' wall rectangular tubing, and 3/8' hot roll plate. Adjustable wear plates on frame side pieces are replaceable and made from 3/8' x 4' plate. Category II - III 3-point hitch.   

  • Model W24-110 - Flat Vee Ditchers

    Model W24-110 - Flat Vee Ditchers

    Fewer ditching passes mean less time in the field and less travel time to and from the field. Designed for fewer passes, the BWImplement Flat V Ditcher is an economical, efficient irrigation tool for optimum work economy. In most cases, a single pass up and back is sufficient but hard or cloddy conditions may require a third pass. Wide flat ditches carry more usable water, dry faster to allow earlier closing and are easier to remake. In addition, The...

  • Model SLP4 Series - Planter Sled

    Model SLP4 Series - Planter Sled

    4-row planter sled designed for 36', 38', 40' or 42' spacing. 3-point mount, Category II or III. Sled is fully adjustable and shapes bed prior to planting. Planters mount on tool bar behind shaper. Includes landslides, UHMW-lined shaper plates, skid runners, 3 tool bars.

  • Model LB5 - Folding Lister Bars

    Model LB5 - Folding Lister Bars

    BWImplement folding lister bars are constructed with 7' x 7' x 1/2' wall square tubing and are manufactured with an over-center locking mechanism for positive hold. 7' x 7' lister shanks are cast exclusively for us and are 44% beefier than 5' x 7' shanks. These listers can be custom fabricated for multiple row configurations and sizes.