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  • Baekelandt- Courgette

  • Baekelandt  - Courgette Sorter

    Baekelandt - Courgette Sorter

    Special construction for courgette. 1 to 4 classes are possible. Harvesting belts up to 12 metres. Hydraulic drawbar steering. Hydraulic support leg with hand-pump or pneumatic brakes

  • Baekelandt- Cauliflower

  • Baekelandt - Harvesting Wagon

    Baekelandt - Harvesting Wagon

    Length of wagon 6 – 10 m. Lenght of belt 6 – 12 meter. Harvesting belt, movable along the wagon. Tandem chassis, wheels can be steered hydraulically (track following). Harvesting belt, folding along the wagon. Multiply wooden front & rear wall. Hydraulic drawbar steering. Hydraulic support leg with hand-pump. Hydraulic or pneumatic brakes

  • Baekelandt - Cauliflower Harvester

    Baekelandt - Cauliflower Harvester

    Harvesting belts 7,5 or 8,5 meter. High ground clearance. Stainless dishes. Chain runs over plastic guide. 2 or 3 cutting heads. 60 to 150 cabbages/minute. Various plate diameters possible. Conveyor belt with breaker for the roses

  • Never Used Before - Direct Delivery

  • Baekelandt- Transportation

  • Perdu- Planter

  • BETH Standard  - Planter

    BETH Standard - Planter

    The Perdu Standard plants: Pressed pots with both high and low plants. Plants with rootballs (super seedling). Paper pot plants. Planting distance: min. 28 – 28 till unlimited, adjustable per cm (use gear wheels). When planting, the correct planting distance should be maintained.Capacity: per element, per person: 1.800 – 2.000 pieces per hour. Types: 2 to 6 rows.

  • STANDARD - Model DB - Double Bar Planter

    STANDARD - Model DB - Double Bar Planter

    Used when the planting distance is less than 45 cm (row distance). In that case the minimum is 28 cm. One person can operate. 2 rows at once when planting lettuce.

  • PERDU - Model 4000 - Planter

    PERDU - Model 4000 - Planter

    The Perdu 4000 plants: Pressed pot plants: both high and low. Plants with rootballs (super seedling). Planting distance: 32 – 60 cm, adjustable per cm (use gear wheels).