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  • Minimum Tillage

  • ROTOR - Model OekoSem IV - Strip Till System

    ROTOR - Model OekoSem IV - Strip Till System

    The combination of several operations such as tillage, planting, fertilizing and spraying is possible. Ground cover between soil stripes, which remain undisturbed, prevents soil erosion and sedimentation problems. plants absorb easily nutrients, water and air that are available in the soil

  • WEcoDyn - Strip Till System

    WEcoDyn - Strip Till System

    Thanks to its modular design, the right combination of tools can be quickly adjusted to perform any task from stubble removal to planting. The advanced planting system allows accurate placement of seeds at different depths (size adjustable) as well as the establishment in one pass up to 3 different crops. WEcoDyn users receive an advanced course on soil conservations and participate in field trials

  • Tool Carriers

  • OHARD - Tool Carriers

    OHARD - Tool Carriers

    Increased safety and driving comfort. Higher efficiency and is environmentally friendly. Improve the soil quality

  • FOBRO  - Model D46 - Mobil Tool Carriers

    FOBRO - Model D46 - Mobil Tool Carriers

    Easy mounting of implements on the middle shaft. Engine with 34 horsepower - possible up to 70 horsepower - and 4-wheel drive. Perfect overview of the working tools during operation

  • Weed Control

  • Brush Weeder

    Brush Weeder

    Technology applicable in organic production. Accurate and efficient system. High Efficiency

  • Triple Brush Weeder

    Triple Brush Weeder

    Flexible brushes. Equipped with 3 double acting oscillating parallelograms. With individual folding hinges for each brush

  • Mobile Steamer

    Mobile Steamer

    Operation at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Quick and efficient soil disinfestation. Steam injector without waste oxides

  • Rolojack - Brush Weeder

    Rolojack - Brush Weeder

    Suitable for organic production. Excellente for the establishment of a mulch with legumes. Can be combined with disk harrows

  • Nurseries

  • Pick-Up System for Plant Collection

    Pick-Up System for Plant Collection

    Ergonomic, accurate and efficient. Direct Quality control by additional plants' handling processes . Accurate removal of all types of plants