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  • Indoor Calf Pens

    Indoor Calf Pens

    Smooth surfaces make cleaning and disinfecting easy. Free standing; does not require post.. Easy one person assembly and tear down. Strong rotomold construction. Lightweight with a 10 year warranty. Capable of being set up side by side and/or back to back, arrangements can be added to and rearranged at any time. Adjustable front panel that will grow with your calves or your bedding pack. Easy to put together on uneven surfaces. Individual panels sold...

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  • Forage Bagger

  • Model R6F - Green Chop Forage Bagger

    Model R6F - Green Chop Forage Bagger

    Our 6 ft. forage bagger, fitted with a conveyor instead of the traditional grain hopper, receives freshly cut green chop from a forage cart and introduces and compacts it in the bag. In a short period of time, the finely chopped material turns into high quality silage in the bag’s anaerobic atmosphere. This is a low cost machine that compresses finely chopped material with screw augers and can replace far more complex and expensive forage...

  • Roller Mills

  • Model M15 - Portable Roller Mill

    Model M15 - Portable Roller Mill

    This portable roller mill is mounted on wheels for easy transportation. As in all Richiger roller mills, hollow core rollers are encased by case hardened replaceable sleeves for long service life. Powered from the PTO of a 50 HP tractor, capacity can reach 15 to 20 tons/hour dependant on grain variety and condition. Besides a 3.3 meter orientable discharge auger, M15 is equipped with a lightweight, hydraulically driven feed auger that assists in the...