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  • Bailey - Grain Trailers

  • Bailey - Model TB - Grain Trailer

    Bailey - Model TB - Grain Trailer

    All TB models are mounted on 8 or 10mm RHS chassis fitted with heavy duty axles on tandem springs and equipped with long reach tipping cylinders to give approximately 50° of tip. Both lift-off and fixed body trailers have heavy gauge floors with hollow section runners at 12” centres to eliminate wear when loading heavy materials, heavy gauge sides and a rear door with hollow section frame and strengthening channels. The Bailey hydraulic rear...

  • Bailey - Model TAG - Grain Trailer

    Bailey - Model TAG - Grain Trailer

    TAG is our multi purpose, ‘no frills' trailer range suitable for grain, root and silage. These trailers are built to the highest standards but at a competitive price. The range comprises 6 tonne single axle and 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 sprung tandem axle trailers. All models have 8mm rolled hollow section chassis and pressed steel bodies.

  • Flat Trailers

  • Bale and Pallet Trailer

    Bale and Pallet Trailer

    Bale and Pallet models are mounted on 8 or 10mm RHS chassis with heavy duty axles or tandem springs. They are fitted with 4mm flat or chequer plate floors with 60 x 40 RHS floor runners at 12' centres. Bailey Bale Trailers have heavy duty RHS side rails, with a 2' high headboard for safe and secure loading of pallets, bags, boxes etc.

  • Root Trailers

  • Beeteaper Trailer

    Beeteaper Trailer

    The unique feature of the Beeteaper is that they tip to approximately 60° angle. The hydraulic rear door has longer side arms and longer hydraulic rams to allow the rear door to open higher. This enables the beet to be heaped to approximately 9 feet high. The advantage of the Beeteaper trailer over the standard farm dumper trailer is that it is multi purpose. It can be used for gain and other cops and can be easily tipped inside buildings....

  • High Lift Trailer

    High Lift Trailer

    Bailey HIGH-LIFT trailers are designed and manufactured to our highest standards. The under gear has heavy duty axles mounted on tandem springs. All High-Lift trailers have 4mm floors with 60x40 RHS runners to eliminate any wear on the trailer floor when loading heavy materials. Hydraulic rear door is standard with either the pea door as shown or our standard hydraulic door as fitted to TB range. The 8 and 10ton models now give extra lifting height to...