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  • Motor Hoes

  • BARBIERI - Model B/30 - Motor Hoe

    BARBIERI - Model B/30 - Motor Hoe

    The B/30 is the basic model of our range. It has all advantages of a small tiller designed and produced for a “hobby” user but with a professional structure and engine which assures a high quality result. With only one lever controlling the selection of forward or reverse on the handlebars reducing any manoeuvring mistakes thanks to the many lateral and vertical handle adjustments. A big advantage is the easy transport thanks to the two...

  • Motor Mowers

  • BARBIERI - Model BRIO/3 - Motor Mower

    BARBIERI - Model BRIO/3 - Motor Mower

    A small motormower, strong and handy and equipped with 4 Hp or 5 Hp engines. This flexible machine assures a perfect grass cut and minimises the risk of grass blocking. The brush is adjustable laterally and can be angled for cleaning corners. The brush is ideal for the pavement and street cleaning. The brush collector is useful for the leaf collection during the autumn. It’s ideal for hobbyists for their own home garden.

  • Walking Tractors

  • BARBIERI - Model RED 1+1 - Walking Tractor

    BARBIERI - Model RED 1+1 - Walking Tractor

    This walking tractor is the basic model planned for a hobby users. The gear box has oil immersed gears with 1 forward speed and one in reverse. The handles are adjustable and reversible permitting the use of front and rear mounted accessories.

  • Tractors

  • TERATRAC  - Model 4A  - Tractor

    TERATRAC - Model 4A - Tractor

    Its attractive design, this machine is equipped with a powerful 17 Hp engine.Proportions and design have been studied to assure and maintain the aesthetics and functionality. Realized with a modern style to assure high performances and great comfort…

  • Transporter