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  • Planting Machines

  • BASRIJS - Disc Planter

    BASRIJS - Disc Planter

    Suitable for single plants varying from 6 to 50 cm and also soil-blocks up to P9 (e.g. strawberry plants, perennials and tree nurseries).

  • BASRIJS - Disc Planter with Supply Belt

    BASRIJS - Disc Planter with Supply Belt

    Suitable for planting leek, both bare rooted and soil-blocks. Principle: Plant is right placed on supply belt. Plant is supplied right between the solid and rubber flexible disc. Plant is placed by the discs right into the furrow and loosen. Then the plant is well pressed by the pressing wheels and loosen. Machine is supported by wheels in front which also determine by chain the speed of the planting discs which are driven by tractorhydraulics, so the...

  • BASRIJS - Deep Planter

    BASRIJS - Deep Planter

    Suitable for single plants varying from 10 to 70 cm and also soil-blocks up to P9 (e.g. fruit trees, rootstocks, woodstocks, trees and hedges).

  • Special Cultivation Machines

  • BASRIJS - Row-fertilising Applicator

    BASRIJS - Row-fertilising Applicator

    Suitable for various types of artificial and organic fertiliser. Principle: Each outlet has its own driven cam-wheel unit from which the cam-wheel width is central adjustable. It is also possible to adjust each cam-wheel width separately.

  • BASRIJS - Dibbing Machine

    BASRIJS - Dibbing Machine

    Suitable for dibbing planting holes in the ground, e.g. for leek. Basic versions: 3 rows at 37 to 50 cm or 4 rows at 75 cm or 5 rows at 60 cm. Dibbing distance in the row 8 to 30 cm, adjustable by exchanging chain wheel and/or selecting tractor gear. Dibber-hole diameter 30 mm. Capacity about 1200 meters per hour. Aptionally available: furrow ploughs, various plant-hole stamps, track markers, others versions.