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  • Batouwe - P9 Shrubs

    Batouwe - P9 Shrubs

    When you select the Batouwe P9 (18 compartments) you can be assured of your first gain. You will receive a well pruned, compact plant that grows quickly. Furthermore, this plant will easily save you 12% on labour time! You will be laying the foundations for good growing results. We provide a large range of P9 shrubs, including the more difficult, slow growing varieties. These shrubs require a great deal of attention to cultivate them successfully. At...

  • Batouwe - Grafts and Whips

    Batouwe - Grafts and Whips

    Are you a tree nursery? Batouwe can help you compile the basis for a high quality range of trees! We graft and cultivate avenue and ornamental trees and deliver them as whips in non-spyralling root pots. We are a modern grafting company and have greenhouses at our disposal where the grafted material can grow under controlled conditions. Moreover, we  have traditional in-house expertise, because high quality whips demand craftsmanship. What growers...