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  • Echo - Chainsaws

    Echo - Chainsaws

    The ECHO Timber Wolf is the new standard for tough in chain saws. Built for the toughest environments on the ranch, farm or anywhere you choose, the ECHO Timber Wolf CS-590 is durable for any workload from felling a tree to cutting firewood.

  • Echo - Model GT-225 - Trimmers

    Echo - Model GT-225 - Trimmers

    What more can be said about the world’s finest professional-grade trimmers? ECHO’s easy-to-use custom ergonomic controls, lightweight design, and powerful 2-stroke engines provide the tools to enhance productivity. Spend less time creating a lasting impression and more time enjoying it! All ECHO Trimmers are backed by a 5-year consumer and 2-year commercial warranty.

Products by Jonsered

  • Chainsaws

  • Model CS 2139 T - Chainsaws

    Model CS 2139 T - Chainsaws

    Light and well-balanced arborist saw that is easy to use and service. The 39cc saw has a high chain speed making it particularly efficient. These qualities along with the fact that the saw has a versatile and well-planned design make it ideal for professional tree care and traditional arborist work.

  • Model CS 2252 - Chainsaws

    Model CS 2252 - Chainsaws

    With raw power and a highly competitive power-to-weight ratio, this saw is just as good for felling really big trees as it is for limbing and cross-cutting. Loaded with innovative technology, a powerful Clean Power™ engine and a newly designed low profile body that makes limbing even easier and provide performance over a broad power band.

  • Trimmers & Brushcutters

  • Model GTS 2228 - Lightweight Trimmers Machines

    Model GTS 2228 - Lightweight Trimmers Machines

    Efficient hand held blower that combines high blowing power with user friendliness. Perfect for home owners. Well balanced and easy to manouevre. Delivered with round and flat nozzle.

  • Model BC 2228 - Lightweight Trimmers Machines

    Model BC 2228 - Lightweight Trimmers Machines

    Comfortable and versatile brushcutter with trimmer head and grass blade in one efficient package. The combination guard makes multi-purpose operation easy as it can be used with both included cutting systems. Spin Start makes it extra easy to pull the starter cord and get going. The intuitive controls provide easy access to the choke and purge for smooth operation. The auto return stop switch puts the machine back to start position for trouble-free...

  • Model CC 2235 - Lightweight Trimmers Machines

    Model CC 2235 - Lightweight Trimmers Machines

    Jonsered CC2235 comes complete with trimmer head, grass blade and saw blade. This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for people who require these benefits in one, effective package. Strong Clean Power engine with high torque and low emission. Developed with optimal ergonomics, performance and efficiency during long working shifts in mind. Vector 2-35 harness included.

  • Model GC 2128 - Lightweight Trimmers Machines

    Model GC 2128 - Lightweight Trimmers Machines

    Grass trimmer of Combi type. The detachable tube makes it possible to attach many different types of attachments such as pole saw, cultivator, edger, sweeper, hedge trimmer. GC2128C is equipped with Spin Start for easy start. Delivered together with single strap harness and T25 trimmer head.