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  • Piranha - Single Rotor Slasher

    Piranha - Single Rotor Slasher

    Single Rotor Slashers are designed for 35-100hp tractor range and come in 4 different sizes which have the following features.

  • KBF - Tractor Mounted Forklifts

    KBF - Tractor Mounted Forklifts

    The new KBF tractor mounted forklift has bought the Kaesler Brothers Forklift into the 21 st century by using the latest 3D Design software and the highest quality German hot rolled high tensile mast profiles. Couple that with the precision hardened and ground combination bearing that take the radial thrust (Main Load) as well as axial thrust (side load) to near eliminate any mast sway. These features make the KBF forklift one of the...