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  • Fibreglass Silo

    Fibreglass Silo

    The method of construction of a fibreglass silo is very important. The techniques and processes used by our supplier result in a product of the highest quality. The manufacturing process for the main body section is done in an internal mould, which leads to a smooth external painted finish. The techniques used include matting, rolling and resin application as well as fibreglass spraying. This produces a layering effect which gives the silo greater...

  • Internal Sack

    Internal Sack

    Available in two sizes: 3.5 and 6 tonne. The most economical low cost internal feed storage available. The silos are made from a strong durable high tech polyester fabric which is long lasting and breathable. Guaranteed constant feed quality with no mould formation and baking solid. The silo is fitted with a fully galvanised steel frame and powder coated green. There are bracing supports between the legs and comes complete with bagging valve or...