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  • Bintec - Smart Grain Handling System

    Bintec - Smart Grain Handling System

    The Bintec system basically consists of silos which are filled with mobile conveyor system. The silos are equipped with full aeration floors and allow the drying of wet harvested goods. Through a monitoring and control system of the drying process is controlled and subsequent safe storage without loss of quality guaranteed. The extraction is carried out via a trough and Fegeschnecken unit directly into the mobile conveyor system and the removal...

  • Swingaway Snails

    Swingaway Snails

    Fast, reliable and durable: High conveying and handling performance with maximum reliability and flexibility are Bintec in the foreground. Here are the PTO-driven Screw with Swingaway accepting the optimal link between harvest logistics and grain storage. The well thought-out concept, with its direct and simple conveyor routes combines perfect workmanship, solid construction and durability. There are simple arguments become the reliable partner by the...

  • Pipe Conveyors

    Pipe Conveyors

    Gently and quickly promote: High capacity and maximum reliability and optimum protection of the crop - this are the tube conveyors from Bintec. They combine the advantages of band and screw: Smooth and gentle conveying in a closed conveying pipe with a large enclosure angle to the material being conveyed.

  • Grain Silos

    Grain Silos

    Valuable commodity stored: Grain silos are the ideal solution to the harvest, the result of the work of a whole year, to ensure safe storage. Through in-house storage, it is possible to wait for the optimal timing and marketing to achieve the best sale prices. It is more important that the quality of the grain remains. To this end, the Bintec grain silos form a secure base for easy and safe to store over a long period your crop.

  • Ventilation Fan

    Ventilation Fan

    Cereal needs air: Thus in a silo grain can be stored safely, this must cooled, ventilated and possibly even dried. For this, air rates up to 60 m³ / t / h required. Bintec offers for this purpose to high-performance blower of 2.2 kW to 37 kW, which are individually tailored to the silo.