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  • Brush Cutter

  • Brush Cutter - Closed Front Extreme Duty

    Brush Cutter - Closed Front Extreme Duty

    This brush cutter is the most versatile skid steer brush cutter on the market. Cuts grass like a lawn mower and still cut 5″ trees!! Why buy a brush cutter that limits you to one or the other? Very few, if any other  cutters are able to preform in such a variety of applications, like the Blue Diamond Extreme Duty cutters will!.

  • Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

    Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

    This new model offers many new upgrades including: New perimeter style wire/ Vine protection. Solid 3/4″ thick blade carrier. Rear of deck is tapered out to help with discharge and ease of clearing stumps. Grease filled drive instead of oil. Forged drive spindle. Thicker deck (1/4″). 9″ deck clearance resists bunching and plugging up. Heavy wear bars added to the bottoms of each side for longer life. Easier to clean debris off...

  • Mini Ex Brush Cutters

  • Blue Diamond - Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

    Blue Diamond - Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

    Using the long tried and proven direct drive system from our skid steer cutter model, this new unit is now available for mini excavators. The extremely rugged direct drive system with a large flywheel that stores energy, keeps the blades cutting even in difficult conditions. Blue Diamond Attachments has added 2 new sizes to this already popular attachment. These units use a 3 blade system with straight AR400 double edged blades. These rugged units are...

  • Hybrid Brush Cutter

  • Hinged Front Hybrid Brush Cutter

    Hinged Front Hybrid Brush Cutter

    The Blue Diamond Hinged Deck Hybrid Brush Cutter gives you the best of both worlds. This unit has the safety of a closed front unit, and allows the deck to move up and out of the way when necessary to expose the blades for heavy brush cutting! The unit also features heavier deck reinforcements in multiple places, and a full front chain curtain to contain flying debris. It is available in low flow and high flow. This is the most versatile brush cutter...

  • Cold Planer

  • Premium Cold Planer

    Premium Cold Planer

    This premium cold planer uses the most trusted components in the industry from the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub. These high end components combined with the highly engineered design makes this cold planer one of the most reliable units available! Using the Rocket Fin tooth from the factory and the V tooth pattern setup, vibration is reduced and productivity is greatly increased! The adjustable side runners provide fine adjustment...

  • Light Duty Grapple

    Light Duty Grapple

    This lightweight grapple is designed with small loaders for limited lift capacity. Weighing only 454 lbs., it allows you to lift a load with no fear of tipping your machine. Dual top clamps and grease fittings are standard.