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  • Brush Cutter

  • Extreme Duty Brush Cutter

    Extreme Duty Brush Cutter

    The extreme duty brush cutter is a high-powered, low flow, direct drive unit with a 2-year warranty. The hydraulic motor drives a 2 5/8” shaft that is housed in 2 massive bearings submerged in oil. Under the deck, instead of a spline shaft, it has a 13” x 1” flange with 10 countersunk bolts connecting the blade carrier. The wire protection kit between the deck and the blade carrier keeps fence wire and vines away from the lower...

  • Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

    Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

    The heavy duty brush cutter is an excellent mid-range brush cutter capable of up to 2.5” thick brush. This three blade cutter is a direct drive that requires only 16 GPM to operate.

  • Mini Ex Brush Cutters

  • Blue Diamond - Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

    Blue Diamond - Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

    The Blue Diamond mini excavator brush cutter is an excellent attachment for cutting those hard to reach areas. Based on our long tried and proven direct drive system, this premium quality cutter has the reliability that Blue Diamond brush cutter users count on! Using a dual open side design, this cutter can be used to cut in both directions, and the chain curtains help control debris discharge.

  • Hybrid Brush Cutter

  • Hybrid Brush Cutter

    Hybrid Brush Cutter

    This new hybrid brush cutter gives you the best of both worlds. Based on our current 2 models of extreme duty brush cutters, only this model gives you the flexibility of the open front with the safety of a closed front. The hinged deck section pushes up and back out of the way once pressure is applied to the front. This unit contains far more debris than the open front for working near to areas where damage can happen.

  • Cold Planer

  • Cold Planer

    Cold Planer

    This premium cold planer uses the most trusted components in the industry from the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub. These high end components combined with the highly engineered design makes this cold planer one of the most trusted units available for a skid steer! Using the Rocket Fin tooth from the factory and the V tooth pattern setup, vibration is reduced and productivity is greatly increased! The adjustable side runners provide...