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  • Blueline Orchard Equipment

  • Blueline - Model BL25 - Forklift

    Blueline - Model BL25 - Forklift

    The Blueline BL25 forklift is a great solution for grower’s orchard and vineyard needs. It has off road capabilities with dual or super single tires.

  • Blueline - Low Profile Cabs

    Blueline - Low Profile Cabs

    Our low profile cabs are versatile and reliable. They are developed to guarantee the best conditions in terms of space comfort and motion between the rows of the narrowest orchards and vineyards. The nimble and well-proportioned structure combined with a glazed surface guarantees excellent visibility in every direction.

  • Blueline - Accutech Sprayer

    Blueline - Accutech Sprayer

    The Accutech sprayer is the flagship of the Blueline sprayer line. The Accutech is built like a tank with a new 3-point constant velocity turning hitch that stops “bearing end thrust.” This machine eliminates calibration errors by using a Raven sprayer rate control system which automatically maintains a single programmed application rate throughout varying speed changes while discharging 20 to 1,000 GPA (depending upon speed). The...

  • Blueline Vineyard Equipment

  • Blueline Binger - Optimal Pre-Pruner

    Blueline Binger - Optimal Pre-Pruner

    Our Binger Pre-Pruner models deliver exceptional performance and value for a multitude of applications.  These units have capabilities of operating on variable terrains and foliage density. Binger Pre-Pruners are mountable on a wide-range of tractor frame-sizes with many different shearing discs and saws to provide variable options for pruning. Additional features include on-the-fly cutting adjustments, trellis wire protection, and cutting...

  • Blueline Binger - Deleafer

    Blueline Binger - Deleafer

    Binger’s Deleafers are high-quality leaf removers that include advanced features focusing on precision and gentleness. Crop loss is essentially eliminated by the use of rotating cylinders and suction fans. Binger Deleafers support a wide range of growers with configuration variations including single-sided, two-sided, and over-the-row. Additional features include pivoting heads (one-sided model), separate height adjustment controls...

  • General Agriculture

  • Blueline - Heavy-duty Equipment Trailers

    Blueline - Heavy-duty Equipment Trailers

    Our 18' and 24’ heavy-duty equipment trailers are popular choices with our customers for transportation of tractors and other heavy equipment. Equipment loading and unloading are extremely easy with optional electric over hydraulic tilt features and low loading/unloading angle. Tandem torsion bar axles allows for a smooth ride for loads up to 14,000 lbs (gross weight). Additional features include full tilt deck and tongue and groove decking.

  • Blueline - Spreader

    Blueline - Spreader

    Our Blueline Spreader is a feature-rich unit that is designed to save a grower time and resources. Hydraulically powered with a self-contained unit, the spreader offers is built for efficiency in spreading compost and lime on the terrain.  Features of the Blueline Spreader include banding or broadcasting spread support, spread speed control with PTO connection, conveyer bottom to move materials, and a well-built stainless steel box....