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  • Mooring-Tomato Harvestsystem

    Mooring-Tomato Harvestsystem

    By means of a push-off unit, harvestcarts are beïng discharged in the destacker, or on one or several buffertracks. The harvestcarts are beïng pulled forward, when these are discharged. This system can also be used with the automatic powered-harvestcarts.

  • Powered Harvestcart

    Powered Harvestcart

    Ingeniously and user-friendly, thats least you can say about the new powered harvestcart. The traction and wheelinstitution, developed by Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics, and as first introduced to the market, ensure an considerable increase of productivity at harsting! These carts operate fully automatic, the machine follows an inductive wire and stops at each obstacle or fixed stoppoint.

  • Shielded Harvestcart

    Shielded Harvestcart

    This harvestcart is also available in a non-powered version. Unique to these harvestcarts is the low roleresistance and the chassis without external parts, which smoothly moves along the plants. The rollertrack which has rigid rolles with qualitative rollingbearings, make sure that full boxes move easy. The rack which contains empty boxes is easily adjustable in height without use of any tools.

  • Fully Automatic Spraying Machine

    Fully Automatic Spraying Machine

    Because some companies still need a more automated spraying machine, a spraying machine was developed that has a fully powered wheelinstitution.

  • Mobile Spraying Equipment

    Mobile Spraying Equipment

    A cheaper alternative to the air-supported sprayingmachine is the mobile sprayingmachine with a standard 12 or 14 capsules spraying-mast (without airsupport).