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  • Vehicle Systems

    Vehicle Systems

    Even under the vehicle, we feel at home. Whether dealing with tyres, rims, wheels or vehicle construction. For every part we provide a big range of accessories as well. On special request we also deliver and mount matching axles and braking systems.

  • Agricultural Tyres

    Agricultural Tyres

    Agricultural tyres are specially designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture. The five most important assessment criteria are load capacity, traction, durability, soil friendliness and cost effectiveness. We stock over 1.000 different tractor tyres. Our specialist staff will be delighted to find the right tyres for your needs.

  • Forestry Tyres

    Forestry Tyres

    Forestry tyres are specially designed for applications on demanding soils like forest soil. We offer tyres for tractors, harvesters and forwarders. Extremely robust casings offer additional protection against punctures and other injuries. Specially designed lugs guarantee safe travel on difficult terrain.

  • Wheel


    On becoming a wheel a tyre is complete. Customers not only get the right tyres, but customized rims with the load capacity needed and in the chosen colour. We have two fully automated production lines for manufacturing in excess of half a million wheels each year for cars and agricultural trailers. We have six wheel assembly stations on standby for the mounting of tractor-, industrial-, truck- and implement tyres for you.

  • Trailer Tyres

    Trailer Tyres

    Trailer tyres are ideal for the use on drawn applications for cars. A specially reinforced casing construction yields high workload in combination with good mileage. We deliver tyres as complete wheels on request.

  • Implement Tyres

    Implement Tyres

    Immense strain is put on tyres on drawn agricultural vehicles. High load volumes, longer on the road driving and diverse applications increase the demand for new products and developments. We offer more than 500 different products and all relevant data for mounting the correct tyres on your vehicle.

  • Flotation Tyres

    Flotation Tyres

    Low pressure tyres eg. flotation tyres specially designed for high performance trailers. These wide based tyres can be driven with variable inflation so that soil compaction is reduced to a minimum on the field and high speed driving is possible for driving on the road. Dependent on the main application these tyres should be chosen with corresponding treads and load capacities.

  • Industrial Tyres

    Industrial Tyres

    Industrial pneumatic tyres are constructed to offer great driving comfort even on unpaved and rugged terrain and even at relatively high speed. Solid rubber tyres are designed for the use on forklifts or similar vehicles. They are extremely breakdown safe with high load capacity.

  • Light Truck Tyres

    Light Truck Tyres

    Windpower tyres for light trucks offer an optimal combination of price and performance! All tread patterns feature a unique structure, a high-quality rubber compound and exceptional cost effectiveness. In addition to this, all tyres can be easily retreaded.