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  • Power Transmission - Drive Shafts

  • Model SFT Series - U-Joint Drive Shafts

    Model SFT Series - U-Joint Drive Shafts

    Using their understanding of modern market demands and decades of experience in the field of power transmission as it relates to agricultural mechanization, Bondioli & Pavesi developed the SFT range of drivelines and accessories, with every component designed and built according to the principles of safety, function and technology

  • Control - Hydrualic Integrated Circuit

  • Hydraulic Integrated Circuit

    Hydraulic Integrated Circuit

    The Hydraulic Integrated Circuits are composed by machined block and cartridge valves. Every HIC is designed in order to satisfy client requirements.

  • Control - Directional Control Valves

  • Monoblock Directional Control Valves

    Monoblock Directional Control Valves

    With their compact dimensions and simple construction, monoblock directional control valves are the components of choice for all applications where there is a special focus on minimizing size, weight and costs. These are components fitted to farm machinery, municipal service vehicles, construction site machinery and lifting equipment.

  • Control Systems for Front Loader

    Control Systems for Front Loader

    The need to improve the effectiveness and optimize the cost of control systems for front loaders has led to the creation of a complete series of application-specific solutions.

  • Control - Inline Valves

  • Inline Valves

    Inline Valves

    Cartridge valves and inline valves are used in a wide range of applications such as agriculture, municipal, material hendling and costruction. The cartridges can be integrated in a customized block studied for specific function.

  • Heat Exchange

  • Fan Drive Systems

    Fan Drive Systems

    The FAN DRIVE is a smart system that controls the running speed of the heat exchanger fan. Decoupling the speed of the fan from the revolutions of the engine, it becomes possible to program the response of the system so as to optimize heat exchange and reduce noise.

  • Aluminium Heat Exchangers

    Aluminium Heat Exchangers

    Aluminium heat exchangers are used for cooling fluids in the hydraulic systems of all mobile equipment and agricultural machinery, and in fixed industrial plant and machinery.

  • High Efficiency Heat Exchangers

    High Efficiency Heat Exchangers

    Bondioli & Pavesi specializes in the designing and manufacturing of high - efficiency heatexchangers, large-sized as well, for several application sectors such as: