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    Bosman BV installations are of high quality and installed by specialists. To ensure optimum performance of your installations at all times, we recommend undertaking preventative maintenance. Bosman BV offers maintenance contracts ensuring that every component is checked once a year.  Rotating parts are always subject to wear and tear. And in case of any unexpected breakdown of your system, our Bosman BV specialists are always ready to assist you...

  • Conventional Solutions

    Conventional Solutions

    Real conventional power generation traditionally meets the very basic condition. Ensuring a reliable energy supply. But conventonele energy in coal and gas releases heat rarely reused. About 55% of the thermal process energy is lost. Van Zaal aims with its own conventional range to find an environmentally friendly and commercially attractive 'middle way'.

  • Custom Construction Service

    Custom Construction Service

    Bosman has had more than 85 years of experience in the custom design and turnkey building of houses, office buildings, industrial buildings, and greenhouses. We have the expertise for reconstruction and renovation as well. We solely work with professionals who have an eye for detail. We combine high-quality material with the newest techniques for the best result. You will have your own personal contact who will keep you involved and guide you through the...

  • Installation Technique Services

    Installation Technique Services

    As experts in plant engineering Bosman provides greenhouses, garden centres, industrial buildings and houses with the most advanced installations. We develop and install all installations ourselves and use the most modern materials and techniques for doing so.