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  • Fan-Jet Microsprinklers

    The Bowsmith introduced Fan-Jet Microsprinklers in 1977. Since then, American growers have made the Fan-Jet brand their number one choice of microsprinklers to irrigate their orchards and vineyards.

  • Fan-Jet - Model Plus - Microsprinklers

    Fan-Jet - Model Plus - Microsprinklers

    The Bowsmith Fan-Jet micro-sprinkler combines the quality of the original Fan-Jet micro-sprinkler, plus the added feature that prevents clogging or pattern distortion due to insects and other external objects - saving you time and money.

  • Fan-Jet - Model PC Series - Pressure Compensators

    Fan-Jet - Model PC Series - Pressure Compensators

    Wide regulating range: Uniform flows, even at low or high pressures: Low minimum operating pressure: Saves on energy costs. Self-flushing throughout operation: High clog resistance, Less maintenance, higher crop yield. Unique two-piece design: Allows for quick, easy cleaning. Regulates microsprinklers: Pairs with multiple Fan-Jet nozzles, You choose the flow rate, pattern, and nozzle, Works at the end or middle of feeder tubes.

  • NonStop - Drip Emitters

    NonStop - Drip Emitters

    The Bowsmith NonStop emitter design, patented in 1974, is based on a simple unique principle found in no other emitter. This Pressure Cascade Principle permits the emitter to tolerate large amounts of suspended solids in irrigation water, without clogging and without the need for fine-mesh filter screens.

  • Model PCI Series - Pressure Compensating Inline Drip Tubing

    Model PCI Series - Pressure Compensating Inline Drip Tubing

    Unique flow regulating concept: wide effective labyrinth, leading into the flow control chamber, where a sensitive floating diaphragm regulates and maintains a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressure. High clog resistance: Dripper's large intake filter is continuously flushed by the water flow. Large cross section on labyrinth. Self-cleaning mechanism at the flow regulated water outlet.