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  • Bale Mizer Bale Feeders

    Bale Mizer Bale Feeders

    Guaranteed to save 20% of your hay or your MONEY BACK! Made of 1 1/2' 14 gauge round tubing for durability. Feeder weight is 280 pounds. Designed to be picked up with a pickup bale unroller bed or...Hay can be dumped into the feeder over the top.

  • Hay Liner Bale Trailer

    Hay Liner Bale Trailer

    Simply load the bales onto the trailer with a front end loader, or a bale spear. Drive to the desired destination. Then bring the unloading lever to it's unload position and easily unload all bales to the side of the trailer. As you bring the lever to the unload position it unlocks the double latch system that has kept your load in place. A lift on the lever to start the unloading is all it takes. After the bales have rolled off, bring the cradle to...

  • Heavy Duty Feed Bunks

    Heavy Duty Feed Bunks

    Available in 10' to 30' lengths. Made of all new 10 gauge rolled sheets. Bunks are 30' wide and 15' deep. Perfect for fence line applications. Approximate weight is 250 pounds per 10'.

  • Redline Flexible Harrows

    Redline Flexible Harrows

    The heaviest cart on the market!!MetalX harrows with 1/2' tines.Complete with new tires & 3x16 cylinder.2500 lb. axles, 5 hole wheels for durability.20' thru 34' carts available.Hydraulic fold kit optional