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  • Agricultural Machinery

  • Bridgeway - Grass Conditioners Machines

    Bridgeway - Grass Conditioners Machines

    2.2m pick-up will handle any size of swarth.  Ideal for handling from 5’6” up to 20” swarth.Drawbar mounted conditioner: 2.2m and 2.5m pickup will handle of to 40' of grass and 50'of straw. Castor wheels near rotor (ideal when turning corners)

  • Roto Spike - Unwinds Round Bale

    Roto Spike - Unwinds Round Bale

    The Roto Spike is the perfect choice for unwinding round bales fast.You won't believe the time it saves until you try it or see it in action for your self. It can be front mounted, on or back mounted.This unique design combined with tough materials mean it is built to last.

  • Bridgeway - Model L05 - Self Loading Bale Trailer

    Bridgeway - Model L05 - Self Loading Bale Trailer

    L05 Self Loading Bale Trailer. Move more bales faster.Many farms today are run by only one or two individuals. This is one of the reasons for the development of this excellent product. One operator can quickly collect, transport and offload bales at their destination. This patented, labour-saving device leaves the farmer free to concentrate on more important aspects of managing the day to day farm business.

  • Bridgeway - Tipper Trailers

    Bridgeway - Tipper Trailers

    Bridgeway manufactures a range of trailers that meet everyday farming needs. We produce both tipper trailers and cattle trailers. Additionally we manufacture the patented bale transporter (see separate menu for details).Tipper Trailers   From 2 Ton to 8 Ton

  • Bridgeway  - Weed Lickers

    Bridgeway - Weed Lickers

    Environmentally Friendly.High Output.Adjustable Height.No Drift of Spray.Fully Automatic Electric Pump.Its Own 20L Tank that Can Work on up to 25 Acres.Very Economical to Use.Available in 4' - 8' -16'

  • Beet Choppers

    Beet Choppers

    Self loading beet and meal feeder. Half ton capacity. Hydraulic driven. Can be fitted on 3 point linkage or front loader

  • Post Driver

    Post Driver

    One man operation. Probably the Safest Post Driver on the Market.Holds the Stake in Transport.Can be Mounted on Front of Loader or DiggerLightweight.From 75 HP Tractor Required.Excellent Value

  • Livestock Equipment

  • Bridgeway  - Cattle Trailer

    Bridgeway - Cattle Trailer

    Bridgeway easy load cattle trailer comes in sizes 16 by 7 and 18by7.It has new double wheels and a new 8 ton axle.Chequer plated floor and ramp.Ramp loading gates.Slurry tank and front ladder.Comes fitted with lights, brakes and side markings

  • Beet & Meal Feeders

    Beet & Meal Feeders

    Self loading beet and meal feeder.Half ton capacity.Hydraulic driven.Can be fitted on 3 point linkage or front loaderpoint linkage or front loader