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  • Packaging

  • VePack - Model 200-PH - Packaging System

    VePack - Model 200-PH - Packaging System

    The VePack 200-PH is the stand alone module for pack house operations. This basic system, with manual infeed, is perfectly suited for low cost packing of various products. Either plain or pre-printed film can be used. Each system can be combined with automatic labelling and/or printing, saving additional labor, enhancing the product presentation and ensuring product identification. XL versions of the machine offer extended film sizes, up to a...

  • VePack - Model 200-PHH - Packaging System

    VePack - Model 200-PHH - Packaging System

    The VePack 200-PHH is equipped with a compact automated, horizontal in-feed system (rotating table). This in-feed works as a “buffer”, giving the operator the possibility to reach maximum capacity. There is also more flexibility in the number of people working on the packing machine. From one person feeding one machine to two persons feeding four machines (in case of pre-cleaned produce). The VePack 200-PHH is perfectly suited for the...

  • VePack - Model 200-PHV - Vertical Feed System

    VePack - Model 200-PHV - Vertical Feed System

    The VePack 200-PHV has a vertical in-feed system. The standard version (VePack 200-PHV 16-5) has 16 cups (of which 5 on the bottom part of the in-feed). This system is around 190 cm wide, and perfect for max. 2 operators. Wider version with more cups can be supplied, so more persons can work on one unit. For the packhouse we have supplied versions with an in-feed section up to 3,5 meters (VePack PHV 26), suitable for up to 4 persons. The VePack...

  • Field Packaging

  • Atlantis - Header System

    Atlantis - Header System

    The Atlantis harvesting header system is the packing solution based on conventional / traditional harvesting systems, and can easily be used on fields with different planting concepts. The cutters can be assigned freely (within limits) to the different in-feed systems, and iceberg rows. The Atlantis header system itself can be operated in both harvesting directions, forward and reverse. The header is suitable for wheeled and tracked drive units....

  • Columbia - Header System

    Columbia - Header System

    The Columbia harvesting header system is customer optimized to achieve highest productivity. In the optimal configuration the cutters are in a kneeling position, the most efficient and ergonomic working position. Each cutter is assigned to specific rows and to a specific in-feed system(s). The header also allows produce to be cut in a conventional working position. The cutters are always facing the produce, making this system suitable for...

  • Discovery - Self Propelled Harvester

    Discovery - Self Propelled Harvester

    The Discovery is a self-propelled Gantry style harvester, designed to meet specific regional requirements, such as those found in the United States. The system has multiple packing units, box erecting and packing stations and logistics integrated into the harvester. The combination with the side off-load, for the packed boxes to a transportation trailer on the side, makes this system the perfect fit into existing Gantry style operations....

  • Grading

  • VeSort - Grading System

    VeSort - Grading System

    With the VeSort series we offer a very cost effective grading system for broccoli and other products. It can grade up to 60 products per minute, into maximally 5 grading categories. The VeSort combines high cost savings with an increase in grading accuracy.  The VeSort 3600-PST is the standard grading system which has been developed for packed produce. The system is being placed after the packing machine(s), and can be integrated with up to more...

  • Logistic Systems

  • Logistic Systems

    Logistic Systems

    BrimaPack does not supply only packing machines, but offers you system integrated packing solutions, ensuring you a cost efficient, high capacity packing process which fits your requirements. Each customer is unique, and each question needs its own answer. Based on our vast expertise we gladly offer you a solution which has been designed to exceed your expectations. Underneath you find a selection of tailor made systems. In projects BrimaPack...